Thursday, October 15, 2009

shots and bills

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In family life, the girls got shots yesterday. Broke my heart but I know it's way better than getting any bug! H got her 2 month shots, three with a total of 5 things in them...I think that's how it worked. I had to sign 5 times! R got the flu mist and the Swine Flu shot. She was VERY unhappy about it but when the nurse went to H next, oh lordy! She was yelling at the nurse "NO! Don't hurt my H!" "NO!!!" it was so sweet and cute. She loves her little sister and is good at protecting her.

R is 3 years, 4 months, and like 8 days? She was 39.25" and 36.5lbs. (85%/75%) so tall and skinny. They tried to do a vision test on her but she wanted to play her own game with the cards so no go. Not too worried about it right now. Her pediatrician asked if most people could understand her easily, yes except she struggles with R and L's sometimes and here and there will get letters in a word mixed up, like "love" comes out as "wove" a lot but here and there it'll be "vohwl" (think bowl with a v) or "Mine" will become "NIME!" He said at 4 years if shes still having problems or if people still have a hard time understanding her we'll get set up with a speech therapist, but for right now just keep practicing and correcting at home.

H is 22.25", 10.0lbs, and her head is 37.8 cm. (50%/35%/25%) I don't like those low numbers but no one else is really worried so I won't be. She seems satisfied when she's done nursing, she's happy and playful, she has a little bit of a personality on her (not much but about a 2 month old's worth which is perfect!) and is growing. We'll see what she is at her 4 month check up before I start to worry. This is why they didn't give me percentiles with R, I would just worry! H has a little lump on her head that's been there since the day after we brought her home. The doc we saw at her 1 week check up said "oh it's nothing" This time her doc saw it from across the room and spent a while feeling it, and said "it's S____" basically just something under her skin that we shouldn't worry about. Of course I am, have been, and will continue to do so but it's reassuring to know it's not something I should have rushed her in for. If it doesn't go away after a year or so and her doc still isn't worried I might take her to someone else, maybe my old pediatrician or someone in her practice. Until then I am going to keep an eye on it. I might pull out my seam measure thingie and see how big it is, record it and keep track. I am sure it's nothing, or it's the thing he said it was and I shouldn't worry, but you can never be too careful!

I got all my bills from the hospital today. They have like 8 different accounts for me. A little frustrating that they can't just tie it all together, but OUCH! the final bills! Oh my! Did insurance pay ANYTHING? Barely! Ughhh! No idea how I'm going to pay all that but somehow I will! I have a thing for financial aid from them that I was waiting to see what I finally owe and I have to go to Medicaid and see if we qualify (I know we don't because I have private insurance) and get a letter saying we were rejected to qualify for the hospital's aid. Such a pain!

As far as quilting (thank heavens I have a decent stash! thank you Sally!!) I have been having a lot of progress lately. I made 11 blocks for the Block Lotto, and really want to win! Blue and yellow's one of my favorite color combinations. Remind me next time I have the quilt my mom and her friends made me for my high school graduation out on R's bed to take pictures for you! It's wonderful!

I also finished the top of one of my four quick Christmas quilts. I am debating adding another border to it, we will have to see when I go to the fabric store next week with tips (if I can justify it to myself between now and then) for some backing fabric if anything jumps out at me. I will show you that picture next time, with the top I almost have done except I was about 8" shy of what I needed, so I am praying I can still get this fabric that I started with. I think it was a recent(ish) purchase. That ones going to need another border too.

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