Thursday, October 29, 2009

so about the block lotto finally

But first, a really quick great Give Away....I have been following PigTales and Quilts since this time last year when she had a give away and I entered (didn't win!) The prize is TBD but heck any chance is awesome!

Here are this months' blocks. I really enjoyed making them! See I even made two extra to donate! I am sort of wishing Karma will help me win this month, we just barely made it into the two winner zone today and there's still a day or two to go, so who knows maybe someone else will throw up a picture of their blocks! I have not yet started this months blocks, I want to finish my Gobble Gobble quilt top first, and a Christmas throw or two...ok I have three tops almost done I think they all need one more border to be done...will post them all when I get them there and one more to start! Then I can do this months quilt blocks for the Lotto....once I clear out the "project in the works" bin some! But I am not supposed to talk about the block yet until the 1st.....hehehehe.

I never posted the pictures of the quilt I made with my block lotto winnings , so here you go. I was originally going to give this to H, and I might still, but I am joining an online quilt guild for Children's Hospital Seattle. They will either auction off quilts or give them to children in the hospital, depending on the needs. I expect mine to be used, I can't imagine I am a strong enough designer or quilter (I mean all I do is stitch in the ditch!) to make much money off of a quilt, but I am still thrilled to contribute what I do have and what I can do. In this instance, I had a strange number or blocks, sure I could have made it work, but not for what I wanted, so I decided to do a doll quilt to coordinate with the main quilt. I really think this would be better used to brighten up a hospital room and give a child, and her medical doll, comfort.

Here's another quilt I think will be going there instead of its original intended location. I was not too thrilled with the way I quilted this, I traced all the letters and the fabric puckered a little bit plus I didn't stay on the lines very well, try as I might. Oh Well, I had done a great job pinning it so either the way I kept twisting the fabric messed the process up or the distance between quilts was not the best idea. Live and Learn, but I still think it's too cute to not be given to someone.

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