Monday, October 19, 2009

two quick give aways

There's a nice fat quarter give away over here! I think it happens more than once in a while, so keep your eyes open! (Oh, and tell them I sent you there so I can get an extra entry! I have to go back and see who's blog I found the link on...)

Also, V and Co's having their monthly? give away! Kati Cupcake patterns!

Yesterday was a bad day, and today's not shaping up to be a good recovery from it. First I dropped my store keys in the night deposit box along with the day's deposit for work. OOPS!! (called them this morning and they have the keys for me!) Then when I got home from work, A went to run some errands, and the car won't start. It shows that it's in every gear when really it's in park! UGHHH. Have to take it in today, don't know how. oh and A's not up yet. it's 11:52, I have been trying to get him up since 9. When the bank called me back to say come get your keys. And I told him he should call the shops to be first in line.

and I have three opens again starting tomorrow. Just coming off 5! Thank goodness I slept in until 7:15!

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a good yarn said...

Thanks for the info on the giveaways. Some days are a horror. Take a big deep breath, let out a really good throaty growl and head out to face the day. Ann :)