Wednesday, October 07, 2009

we interupt your regularly schedualed programing

because I don't feel good.

It's nothing too bad, just a headache, burning sinuses, sore throat, heavy chest feeling, and one ear itches whenever I swallow. I am thinking this is going to become a cold and get over quickly but one of my co-workers was just diagnosed with bronchitis and I REALLY don't want to get THAT.

Anyone know any good home remedies? I am nursing so I don't know what all I can take but I need something to at least feel functional. I am going to mark out some tea and hopefully get some honey, but what else?

Also, anyone have any good soup, stew, or crock pot ideas? nothing too gourmet, or expensive but satisfying! (even if I have to make bread or something to go with it. Fallinter is here. The leaves are changing and starting to fall, oh yeah and it snowed all morning! I need something other than tortilla soup to make!

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a good yarn said...

Am I so sorry to read that you haven't been well. Manuka honey and lemon in hot water is excellent. Hold the cup near your face and gently breath in the steam. Near the end of the drink, gargle the last couple of sips. Plain chicken and vegie soup with noodles is excellent when you don't feel well.

Practically anything can be cokked in the crockpot. Spag bol. chicken casserole, beef stew. Have you searched google? There are loads of websites for crockpot recipes.

Take care
Ann :)