Sunday, October 25, 2009

post #3 in 24 hours?

Well the last post was SO quick, and the post before that so whiny I decided I needed something more positive I was sewing today. I should have been cleaning but I needed a mental health/me day more than a cleaning day! I am sure many of you can relate. Also Pat Sloan was hosting a "finish it up" weekend over at the mashup. For me it wasn't so much a "finish it up" as much as it was a "work on it" weekend, but whatever! So here's what I worked on today:

Have you heard about the Gobble Gobble Challenge hosted by Moda Bake Shop and Pat Sloan? Go check it out, you have to be done by Nov 10th but I think it's worth getting in on.
I Still need to get that little paper pieced pumpkin onto that big square and make the challenges' pumpkin, but it's close to assembly now! Everything in my quilt will be pumpkiny because I need something to keep if consistent, too random and I start to panic but this is pushing me out of my comfort zone with it not being "matchy matchy."

This is H's Dora quilt to coordinate with R's but not match. I had a feeling she'd be a girl (but bought a ton of boy stuff too just in case and I LOVE the boy bedding we got from e-bay) and yet I didn't make a Dora quilt at the same time as R's. H's will be random, I am trying really hard to not control what happens with the blocks. I will try to not have two of the same touch each other, but if it does happen...I will make it happen more than once. I am such a quilty control freak =)

See the brown bag to grab out of? My idea is I'll draw pairs out, and sew them, then pull sets to match up together and sew together into big square buddies and that's as far as I have thought.

As for my Christmas projects, I need advice as to whether or not I need one more border on each of these, and if so, what color? The first is one of the two "The Night Before Christmas" quilts I am making, one for my girls and one for my friends boys. The other one will be slightly different just to keep me entertained! I think this one could benefit from something all around just for fun, but I don't think it NEEDS it, I was thinking red, or blue, or white, or that light yellow. I think the bright yellow in there would look too Green Bay ish =).
This second one is "Rudolph" but it's not the whole story, nor is it the song. I think it's off the movie, but they are missing chunks of it, so it's a poorly abridged version. Again I think this needs one border to tie it all together, but no idea on the color.

My next post will probably be about the Block Lotto. I have the blocks I won back in Aug all together (I got them all by mid Sept!) and will be working on next months blocks as soon as I finish that Gobble Gobble piece!

If the girls keep cooperating, I might work on my Shop Hop blocks some more tonight. The living room needs some serious vacuuming before I lay anything out to layer and pin, not up for that! so keep the projects coming. Hehe!

so gentle reminder:

give me advice on the borders

join in the gobble gobble fun

take a day, or hour, for you!

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Sharon said...

There is a hint about colors to add. If there is one you do not want to pop so much, use more of it, and it will recede. Perhaps that will help in the color process.