Saturday, October 10, 2009

sisterly love

This post may be edited a bunch depending on what all happens.

Today R and I were in the girls room and H was doing something super cute in her crib, so I picked R up and said "look at H!" R said "Oh my gosh! She soooo sweet!" I realised I needed to record all the things they do together,or that R says, so that some day when they hate each other as teens/preteens do I have proof they loved each other at one point!

This is all from memory, so I am sure I will be missing some things but go with me

"oh H, you so best!"
"you so cute!"
"no mommy, I hold her!!"
"I love you!"
"no crying, it OK it OK, you see!"
oh the one day: "H, you the best friend!"
"I read her story?"
"once a time, beautiful princess H...."
"I want my H!"

R also likes to sing songs, usually rockabye, or thumbkin to H, loves to show her the colorings she did and sometimes they are meant for H. R loves to help me change her diaper, and get her dressed. She'll go on a pacifier hunt for us, and is very protective. Yesterday I was at work with the girls and one of my absolute favorite regulars (who used to go to the other store when I was there and recently started coming to the store I am at now- she's a favorite not because she tips extraordinarily well more than once a day but rather because she is always so positive, kind, and is someone who listens and shares as much as we do, she shares our joys and sorrows as much as we share our beloved customers, she's one of the few who does that!) got to hold H, well when R saw that she RAN over there and said "give me my H! you NO TOUCH! MOMMY!!!" good to know she's looking out for her little sister.

R wants to hold H any time she can, and will let me know the instant H starts to fuss or cry (as if I can't tell but still) R has discovered H likes peek a boo and will play that with her until one of them looses interest, up to 20 minutes later! R always wants to be the one to give the bottle to H when I am at work according to A. R coveres H in hugs and kisses and will lie on the floor with her any time H is on the floor.

There's a lot of curiosity about what H is up to too.
"where H?"
"you feed her?"
"you change her?"
"H come too?"
"in her chair?"
"H play with me?"
"I hold her? next?"

Sometimes R is too rough. She likes to give good squeeze hugs which is great for A and I,but not so much for H. Sometimes instead of gently rubbing H's tummy she pushes a little too hard, you know how babies love when you put a little pressure on their tummy and gently rock them from side to side, well R does it a little too fast. But she means well!

At the same time, H will often look for her sister. Whenever I am done feeding her and am rubbing her back to get a burp, H is scannign the room for R! When she finds R she will fixate on her for a while and then look away. Before too long, she's looking for that big sister of hers again. She also gives R the biggest smiles out of the three of us. She's very paitent with R when R tries to hold her, or play peek a boo.

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a good yarn said...

You are so right to record all this for R and H. I have no memory whatsoever of my sister when she was a baby/toddler and there are precious few photographs to remind me. Tell them both, often how much they enjoyed being together. Ann :)