Saturday, October 24, 2009


I worked 40 hours this week and in addition to being exhausted and sore, I am quite overwhelmed. Not by work but by the state of my house! It's horrible and yet I don't have the drive to clean it up. Part of me is a little mad that A isn't doing ANY housework, and the rest of me knows better than to expect it. Even when I was working full time and he was a "stay at home dad" (aka unemployed) he didn't do any housework. Today I tidied the kitchen but didn't do the dishes. I am going to ask him to unload the dishwasher and then run it tomorrow. Sometimes if I ask for one or two small tasks he'll do them.

I also have not been sewing or quilting, or anything for me this week. I come home, take care of the girls and try really hard to get them down early. Not successfully but trying none the less. I worked 5 opens in a row (5 am every morning except Sundays when it's 6:30 but I kept waking up panicked as to why I was not up or at work from 4am on) so getting up at 3:45ish. H goes down at midnight, 11 is I am lucky. Oh so five opens in a row, Monday off, three opens in a row, would have had Fri off but I did offer to take someones shift since they were sick (and we were a man down that morning already, I was a better candidate than the original person for such a situation with or without illness) so 7am, but again kept wondering why I was not up yet, and then today was 8 am. Again kept wondering why I was not up yet even though I knew I didn't need to be. I have tomorrow off so I hope I can sleep in. I did tell the girls that we were going to go for coffee tomorrow and I want to be down there around 9 when some of my regulars usually are there. A few of them have not seen H yet and were asking about R. Point of this is I am worn out! All of those were 8 hour shifts!

I have been kind of slowly not really working on my gobble gobble challenge. I don't know if I will have it ready in time, but I have two cute little blocks together, one from a 1991? quilt magazine and the other I made up on my own, based on the snowball block. They were both really fun! I forgot how to do paper piecing, but I sort of remember now. Still a few kinks to work out, but for the most part I got it. You know it has only been....12 years since I did it (yes I was in 7th grade thank you) I will share pictures when I have more than a 3*3 block and a 5*6 block. Maybe tomorrow

Unrelated but more fun, I was wondering what your favorite sitcoms are. I need to start watching something new, I am in rerun overload of my faves which are:
1) The Nanny
2) Friends
3) Home Improvement

Then less favorite but still have seen at least every episode once or more:
Saved by the Bell
Roseanne (only when A's not home)
Growing Pains
Brotherly Love (I actually miss that one!)
I Love Lucy

Now for the ones I can't stand but will watch with A because he likes them:
Still Standing (I think if it were on more I'd like it more)
That 70's Show
Yes Dear

so how about you?
Oh, and next post will have pics of the girls, or quilts, or both!

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a good yarn said...

Goodness me, you are working some punishing hours. It's a shame your partner doesn't feel that it would benefit your family as a whole if he were to help out a little more. I am very fortunate in that regard and sometimes take it for granted. No surprise that you haven't had time for sewing but your current projects sound good. I haven't done any paper piecing yet but would like to give it a try.

Take care of yourself. Ann :)