Saturday, October 03, 2009


Today has not been the best day! The girls are all needy and whiny and ick! I blame the weather, it's cold, and dreary, and well, I don't want to go outside! I am wearing my "frumpy old lady sweater" and my fuzzy socks over normal socks. (someday I will show you my sweater, it's actually my favorite thing in my closet but I have no one to take a pic of me in it at the moment so live with my pink fuzzy socks but know I have one pair of green and three different blues.) If the girls were quiet this would be a great day to curl up under a quilt and read a book with a huge cup of tea.

Last night R had a hard time falling asleep. Now that we know she's scared of the dark and have a nightlight in her room, she plays and reads in her room until she's ready to crash and then she'll tuck herself back in. Around 11:30 when I was getting H down (she nurses from 8:30 when I put R down to about midnight! then sleeps until 8:30!!!) I caught her "reading" Green Eggs and Ham. So cute!

I think I am in need of an intervention when it comes to quilting! Seriously I can't get enough even though there are other things I need to do. The laundry is piled up like none other (thanks for throwing off my system A!) and the kitchen looks like the cabinets quit and walked out on me but fabric comes first!

Still to finish by Christmas (since these are gifts):
-Baby ABC's (ready to quilt once I find the tread I know I have to do it with!)
-Dora (finally got the backing fabric)
-Jackie's (need to layer and figure out how to quilt)
-Isn't Christmas Jolly/Charming? (need to finish by the 14th so I can enter it in a little contest here!)
-The four Christmas book quilts (one's blocks are almost done the others I need to get fabric to work on that coordinates better than what I have in my stash)
-And lastly the Block Lotto quilt from the blocks I won last month. I have the top done, not the original idea but one I still like and I need to get it quilted and finished by the end of the month so I can have extra chances this coming month because:

I LOVE THIS MONTHS BLOCK!!! It's called Milky Way and we are doing it in blue and yellow with black and white. OH I LOVE IT SO! So much even that I am making 15 blocks even though I can only enter 9 to win.

While I am thinking about it, does anyone know what this line is? I got a charm pack when I won a give away quite a while ago (the one that got me addicted to give aways and contests) and I want to get some more!

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a good yarn said...

Let's face it, quilting takes our mind off the things we should be doing. What's wrong with that?! Ann :)