Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I started some new projects! They are quick and easy and well...I really don't want to sandwich those big quilts so decided to practice on a little one.

This was a panel that I added a 1/2 inch black border and 2 inch blocks around (then another black border just for fun. I don't know how I am going to quilt it...any ideas? Here's the backing fabric for it. I got it on clearance and it has the letters A, B, C, H, K, and T....I guess the other 20 letters are not as important!

I also got some new backing fabric for R's Dora quilt. No pic of it, but it's light blue/purple cloud like with pink and white moons and stars. Very sweet and perfect for night night time =) Now to make it wider and then layer that one....oh not looking forward to that part of the project. I am also a little worried about quilting it on my little machine, it's such a monster!

Another project I started is a Christmas project. I am making quilts for R and H, and then my friends two boys who are my girls same ages (just 2 months apart in the big kids case and days apart for the little ones). I am using the fabric that's intended for books and making it into a quilt, so quick and easy! I am making two "The Night Before Christmas" one for each of the "big kids" and then one Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and one "Kids 12 Days of Christmas." Don't know who will get what yet, but those are for the little ones. I don't care if they get traded over the years, I am going to make the labels generic enough that no one will be put out if they trade. I cut two of the four books apart last night and will do the others today. I am just going to do sashing between the 12 "pages" and maybe squares where the sashings (how wide should I make them? the "pages" are about just shy of 10x10) meet but not sure yet, and then a few borders so they are decent sized for reading books and drinking hot chocolate under. (oh I am sending them hot chocolate cones along with it and instructions to open right away or after Thanksgiving depending on when they get finished!)

I am getting excited for Christmas, I already got my Halmark Dream Book for their Keepsake Ornaments. I will be buying one a week with my tip money until I have all the ones I want or it's Christmas (or they are all sold out) depending on how many I like. I will be sitting down with the book tonight after cutting fabrics =)

Lastly, this project is the Calender Quilt I mentioned a post or two ago. I went through my whole stash and cut 1 1/2 inch strips by both 2 1/2 inches and 10 1/2 inches of almost every fabric I have. The only ones I didn't cut were the ones I can't tell what color they should be considered. I have the strips sorted by month/color in ziploc baggies, they are:

Feburary- pinks (with reds)
April-yellows (softer/buttery)
September-yellows (bold/back to school style)
October-oranges (with a bit of black)
December-Christmas fabrics

Anyone interested in Calender Quilting with me? Put it in the back of your mind, I will start really asking in Dec! I am so excited to do it, and know that it's early to cut the strips but if I don't get on it now I might put it off even in Jan! Life does get ahead of us doesn't it?

Oh, one more thing...I went to buy pants for work and one pair of jeans I would be totally comfortable in for the moment, got a pair of each for $8.99 so not too bad for a temporary body pant, but NOT happy about the size, my 5/6 body is in 14s =(. And they are still too short...(I was always 6 long, and for some pants I'd even go for 8's with a belt, or buy by waist/length...I need a 34 inseam. Someday soon right? Someday soon.

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a good yarn said...

Small projects can be so much fun and they finish quickly. The quilts are sweet and I like the fabrics. Nice work. You are so right to be starting Christmas projects. I need to get cracking on mine. I like the Hot Chocolate Cone - what a super idea! Ann :)