Monday, September 14, 2009

one week left =(

That's how much longer I have to be a Stay At Home Mom. I am sad I have to go back to work on Monday. When I had R I was more than ready to go back. This time I really feel like I will be missing home when I am at work. During these seven weeks I have been home I feel like I have started to really get to know R, and I have loved most moments with H.

There are some things I want to remember about H at this moment. She hates being put down anywhere. Unlike R, who loved to be on the floor on her own for a little while, H insists on having contact. I think that's more like my temperament than A's. H also has the cutest little sound that I wish I could capture when she thinks she has to sneeze but doesn't. It's not quite a "coo" sound but kind of an "ahhgh" coo. She likes her pacifier, but only on her terms. If she doesn't want it, or she wants something else at the moment she makes these dramatic little faces and gagging noises. She is different from her sister, and her own little person already. I love it!

Two nights ago, H was having a hard time falling asleep. I was trying to get her to go to sleep without holding her so I was using the music in her mobile and putting her pacifier back in, turning the music back on, and leaving her to try and fall asleep. She was always so close but when the music stoped she would become startled and spit the plug out, realise she wasn't sucking on it and cry. Really funny if you think about it! I had been going in each time and then I hopped in the shower before I got too tired to do it. She cried while I was in there and A went in. I got out of the shower to find the two of them cuddled on the couch. "What happened to the plan?" I asked. "I walked in, looked down at her and she started waving her arms all excitedly. I just couldn't leave her when she got so excited to see me!" I hated to tell him it probably was not something she thought about but he seems to think that H has figured out that he is the weak one who will give in while I am the one who tries to follow through.

R loves H! That's nice. She's still a great helper. She gives H so many hugs and kisses and refers to H as "my H." She still has a little regression (like wanting us to change her instead of being a big girl and doing it herself. She also is a little clingie to A which bothers him. I really wish I could convince him to take a child psychology class to understand their development but he probably wont so he'll have to just learn the hard way. I think it's a big combination of H coming into her world and A going back to work. The two of them have always had a special connection and she's worried about it.

A couple days ago we went to Target, just the girls, to get R some stuff for her Halloween costume and some more pull ups. I wanted to make her a leotard for the costume but as you may remember I couldn't find any lycra or spandex, so I got her one at Target. I think I am going to go get her some sparkly shoes too instead of slippers. (the Tutu is almost done). When we were done shopping I had $1 left over so I let R get popcorn. I got her out of the cart, handed her the dollar and turned to get the bag and H. when I turned back I saw her about 1/2 way to the counter at the food court and decided not to run up and help her. She cut in front of a couple in their 30-40's but she got to the counter, put her dollar down and said "um, I want popcorn please" Everyone was smiling and chuckling. I was so proud!! Oh and if I had a video camera, you should have seen the proud little swagger she had in her walk back to me! Too Cute!!

Yesterday we were at the good park a drive away (oh maybe 10 minutes but still) and R saw a little boy her age. He kept trying to get away from her and finally gave in to her persistence and they played together, so cute. They played really well together. Tried to get into trouble together but one would always pull the other back. I know she needs more time with kids her age but everyone MY age is either off at grad school or just begining to settle down. No one has a three year old (H has potential playmates with my friends kids though!) The mom and I talked for a while, I was proud of myself for that, and we even exchanged numbers so the kids could play together. It was a good day!

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