Wednesday, September 02, 2009

civil war and more

The Fat Quarter Shop put up info about their Civil War Tribute BOTM. I want to sign up for this one!! Although I will admit if I were told I had to choose ONE and only ONE of their BOTM (I might be able to tell myself that here soon, A finally has some good interviews and might have an offer coming in the next day or two) I am going to have to think really hard about it. I want this one, but the Pennsylvania Dutch one is on my short list. Since they started this blog mini-series I kinda like the Thimbleberries one in dusk. I might have to draw out of a hat...I'd really like to do one of them (OK really I want to do them all but let's be reasonable; odds are I won't be able to do any).

I haven't received any of the blocks from the Block Lotto yet but I expect them to start rolling in on Monday! I can't wait! I have a wild idea for what to do with the blocks but will have to wait till I have them to lie them out and see if it really would work. I never knew how versatile the log cabin block really is!! The block for this month is "square and points" with "Oriental" fabric as the star and colored tone-on-tone as the background. Too bad I don't have any oriental fabric at all. Guess I have to go on a hunt. Ben Franklin let me down, then again I had two kids in one huge stroller and tool them by myself, so JoAnn's tomorrow, and if needed the LQS's next week.

I was behind the game when it came to signing R up for preschool. This is a small town and I forgot hoe many babies were born the same year she was! I don't want her to fall behind so I decided to try homeschooling her for this year. I don't plan to do it forever, heck I want her in a preschool next year! In the meantime though we'll give it a shot. I am thinking an hour total each day might be enough for her, or even too much, but if we do crafts of some sort, make Story Time at the library more of a priority, do some field trips here and there. I don't expect her to be Kindergarten ready yet, but just on the path to readiness. We'll see how it goes, if it doesn't work well after a few weeks, or if we take a break and try again later and still no good, then OK. We tried, we'll try again later not a huge deal I just wanted to try.

beware, I might post again tomorrow, we are going to go out of the house to run some errands that have been on my list since the seasons are changing. I might want to share since my days are usually fairly dull =)


Breezy Bree said...

hey well done you winning the blocks. Ive been watching the site for a while just havent got round to making any blocks lol maybe this month.....

a good yarn said...

Great win with the blocks! I see what you mean about the BOTMs. I think pulling one out of a hat is they way to go. The Civil War Tribute fabrics are awfully nice. I spend way too much time looking at things I'd like to make and not enough time making things! Ann :)