Monday, August 31, 2009

bragging mommy today!

This is more of a mom post than a quilter post, but we have to balance the two on here as much as we do in life right? Wait, you are right, I am more mom at home than quilter and on here I brag about my art. I remember talking to one of my professors in the Honors Scholars Program at my school who was also an Anthropology professor about quilting. He was quite surprised that I was a quilter and excited to know it's not a dying art. According to the blogs I've found it's not. Not too many people my age are into it yet but I have a feeling if we wait 10-20 years there will be more my age (so in their 30's and 40's I don't mean more people in their 20's). At least R is interested and I hope that H will be too.

Before I get into the heart of this I want to share some more giveaways. I know what you are thinking, seriously girl, you are overdoing the give away posts but I am addicted! I want to WIN! Fat Quarter Shop is doing MORE give aways. I think there are three more block of the month's that are about to start over there so there maybe more give aways but their latest are for their Green Peice BOTM and Bespoke Blooms. I am waiting for their Civil War BOTM to be up...I have stories for you!

Oh! I just found out I won the block lotto, I was winner #3 this month! HOORAY! I have ideas up the wazoo I'll have to wait until I get all the blocks to play around with. 48 of them!

alright onto the mommy stuff. R has been having a hard time with the adjustment to being a big sister. Fortunately not when it comes to interacting with H, but when it comes to attention. She's been whine-ing a TON and so I could get SOME sleep I gave in and let her watch Disney movies on my bed and sleep there. Actually that started when I was still pregnant but it wasn't every night. When H came home and was sleeping in our room is when she started it. We moved H to her crib at night last week and today I moved R to her room. It took bribing her with a cupcake in her bed but at least we are trying. We might fail tonight but I will keep trying every night until it works.

Yesterday I wasn't really happy with A, but I still let him go to a movie with some friends. "let him" HA! he would have gone anyways but I get props for being "cool" with it. While he was gone, R and I had a "special day" that originally was going to be a few hours without A or H, but H was with us instead. R and I made cupcakes and a coffee cake. I tried to teach her how to make "pretties" with yarn, a big needle, and fruit loops. She kept threading them onto the yarn and eating them (fine, it's OK) and then getting mad at me for her pretty not looking like mine (um, I'm not eating it!) We also went to the park and she rolled down the hill after I showed her how.

Today is day two of a well behaved R. A is at work still (9) and has been since 10am! (He MIGHT be riding his bike home by now but he had to do a ton of training today because they need him to be fully trained and ready to work Weds! BTW he interviewed after the movie yesterday!) We made breakfast together, played a little, then I started cleaning up! I got the living room cleaned with her help, and I vacuumed. R hates the vacuum, H didn't mind it and in fact stopped crying in intervals the whole time I was using it, but when I went to move the little chair she was in and had the vacuum still running, R came up and yelled "No mommy! No vacuum my H!" So sweet! R didn't rest but I did get her in my room watching a movie long enough to clean the kitchen and then after dinner we both worked on cleaning her room. Ahh A will be so impressed and hopefully I will earn brownie points or something!

Nursing sucks! I did it with R no problem for 6 months, and I want to throw in the towel now! I know I will regret it because I DO like it but H has such a painful latch! I am using a prescription cream which is helping a lot, but it still hurts! I want to see the lactation consultant but she's so expensive and there's no guarantee that insurance will reimburse me even though I have two prescriptions to see her (one from my midwife, and one from H's pediatrician)

H has a lot more of my personality than R did. R was always independent. She loved being on the floor wiggling, holding her own bottle (when she was a little older) and was good at drifting off on her own in the crib. H wants to be held a lot, only will only go to sleep either in someones arms or swaddled TIGHT with a pacifier in her mouth and the mobile going and playing music. She's also a lot more interested in looking at peoples faces than R was (R could have cared less! there was too much other stuff to look at and touch) it's so interesting to see those differences this early and I know it will only become more so!

Since we were so good about cleaning today we might go to JoAnn's tomorrow, or Ben Franklin, or Target, or Walmart or... we are going somewhere!! and the park too!!

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a good yarn said...

That's a lovely picture of the girls. Your cupackes look delicious. Little ones always take time to adjust or is it us adults that need to adjust?
Ann :)