Saturday, August 08, 2009

she's here!!!

We welcomed our new little one this week! She came Wednesday morning at 3:51! I was actually scheduled for an induction at 7am on Weds (would have done it Tues if L and D hadn't been "full") It was really quick and I did well until transition when I told the nurse I was losing it and she just watched me panic and said "you are doing fine" No I'm not, I was hyperventilating and fighting the contractions which I had been working well with for the first bit. I wish she had listened to me, could have saved some stress on everyone's part. The nurse who helped deliver R was so good! She had positions for me to try, reflexology stuff to help me out with, made me look at her and breath with her and kept me focused on relaxing. This nurse just watched. And she kept putting me in this horrible position on my back where I couldn't get comfortable and I HURT and not just the contractions but my back and my legs and hips but she kept making me go into it and I kept saying no! Basically I was disappointed with her and wish I had been able to ask for someone else but by the time I knew I needed someone else I was too far into it all!

Hazel Anne (the only time I will use her real name, to be known as H from now on) was 7lb 4 oz...10 oz less than her sister! I was guessing 8 1 but whatever! She is a night owl and eats all night long! She sleeps all day which would be fine if we didn't have R too, but R (since I am giving away names, her's is Regina Marie) can't be left alone all day! A's new job (oh, keep sending us positive thoughts because he doesn't get quite enough hours and the pay is not great and since I am on "disability" well he wants a second job until at least I go back to work and/or when we get caught up on our bills) is at night meaning I get no help there!

R has been a great big sister, she wants to hold H all the time and wants to help me change the diapers. I am sure that will change soon enough but we are trying to encourage it for the time being. Our only problems are jealousy and only when A has H, not when I do. Can you tell who her favorite parent is? Yeah, I knew that would happen but A is thrown for a loop. Kind of funny to me!

I don't have much else to share, I could talk about the birth, but I will probably just write a birth story in the next few weeks and what not. I am so glad she's here!!


Purple Quilter Queen said...

Yeah!! Congratulations!! She's adorable and I love her name! Best of luck to you all - Yeah for an almost all pink household!! Jenn

a good yarn said...

Hello Dear Little One! What a lucky girl you are. Your family is amazing and they love you very much. Congratulations Lisapotpie - you are an incredible young woman and mother. Ann :)

Breezy Bree said...

CONRATULATIONS, sorry Im late posting I only got back late last night. Beauitiful name and love the photo's.
Karen xxxxxx