Monday, August 03, 2009


in this mad dash to get the house clean for baby, and more importantly to me my mom, brother and his girlfriend I have been reflecting on housework. I have always wanted to be good at it and love the feeling after a good clean but I only know how to tidy. I don't know how to do the good scrubbing things and how often I should do them. While I am on leave (and especially since baby is not here yet) I am going to practice totally cleaning one room a day. Not just picking it up unless it's BAD but actually Windex-ing, washing the walls if needed, vacuuming, changing sheets and/or towels. I know I have made this promise to myself before but I have been working at the time. I might as well practice now while I have some time. Even if I don't do it as thoroughly as I would like to to begin with it's a step in the right direction.

my plan:
Tuesday-kids room (I need to buy new sheets for R's bed, she only has one that goes with her quilt)
Wednesday- bathroom
Thursday-living room
Friday- kitchen
Sat/Sun-extras such as closets, hallway (where my storage stuff is), laundry room, any room that needed a little extra attention, etc so play it by ear.

I have heard to set a timer and thinking maybe doing 2-10 minute sessions in each room might be a good starting point. I am figuring here that the kids won't let me be alone for too long to clean and I will need to remember to rest when the baby rests even if I can't sleep because of R.

The real things I have been thinking about where how much I wish I had learned about how to really clean from my mom. Now it's not her fault I didn't learn. She's not a good housekeeper herself anymore, my family wore her down. Dad and B are both messy messy people and I was lazy! When she was trying to teach me I was at the point in my life that I didn't want to listen to her, I wanted to do anything except be like her, and I didn't want to do what she wanted me to do. You all know that age that kids, especially girls, go through. I just wish I had learned. I wish I had some time when I lived on my own, or at least before kids came along, to try and figure it all out but you do what you gotta do right?

So my house may not be perfect but it sure is a work in progress and I am proud of myself for not giving into the battle of the mess yet!

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a good yarn said...

I'm all for a clean, tidy house but there is more to life. Don't get too hung up on it all. I give rooms a good going over twice a year and maintain them in between. I'm sure you can find a good housekeeping plan if you search a little on net. Ann :)