Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my quilt scrapbook

I am having problems sleeping...OK sleeping is not the problem, the problem really is I need some quite time and the only time I get it is between 10 and H's midnight feeding (usually between 12 and 1am) and I savor those few hours. I could use that time to pick up around the house but the past few days I have just savored it for myself. Monday night I watched a movie, Tuesday night I updated the photo albums, last night I worked on my quilting scrapbook, and tonight I am going to blog about it. I will probably work on another blog post in the next day or two but for now I wanted to share my scrapbook with you. I am entering it in this month for the Because I Matter Challenge since I do the scrapbook to remember my quilts. The first four entries were already done but the rest I worked on last night (and a little bit today).

Since my penmanship is piss poor-oh side story about parents did everything they COULD to get me nice handwriting and this is what we got. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING: Occupational Therapy in school, art classes with a private instructor, calligraphy workshops/lessons with one of my mom's co-workers (she was a teacher), and writing workshops at the UW during summers of 4,5, and 6th grades. Whats interesting is now, after all that work, I see that my writing is a PERFECT blend of both my parents. Moms curvy-ness and dad's technical/engineering style. Funny isn't it? Back the the point though, I will type out what I have written on the pages here, so this is going to be one LONG post. Please read at your leisure, or don't and just look at the cool pictures.

I was going to ask this at the bottom but since this is going to be a long post and I don't know if you will make it there, how do you remember your quilts? Do you do any special recording. I know people put labels on their quilts (I haven't yet) but what about the quilts you give away? How do you track your development and progress as a quilter (or any other craft/hobby/passion)?

Here we go!

Lisa's First Quilt: Streak of Lightning
I started this quilt when I was in sewing classes back in junior high and when my teacher moved, we thought she had most of it , but when I was cleaning my room one day (in college so emptying out the room) we found parts of it. I made one more strip and mom and I found the border fabrics around the house. I tie-quilted it to give it a youthful twist since that's when I started it-in my youth. I used black with bits of blue and yellow to tie in the borders.

Chucks Quilt: Streak of Lightning

I designed this quilt as a lap quilt for A's dad who was wheelchair bound for Christmas 2005. He passed away before it was finished so I decided to finish it four our baby. I had to find more of the original yellow border. I went to five stores in Washington and three more in Montana with no luck so I chose a new yellow. I machine quilted each row of squares length-wise and every other width-wise (stitch in the ditch).
I am proud of designing this and figuring out yardage to buy but I want to try a new pattern soon/next!

Fascinating Ribbons QuiltOver the summer of 2005, A and I met up in Spokane a few times. Once we picked a quilt pattern to do together. We then went to the fabric store and picked out fabric. A actually has a great eye for color and fabrics. I started the quilt in the fall and finished it in October. A did some of the ironing and watched movies with me while I did the sewing. I messed up and this isn't how the pattern looked, but A still loved it. I'll try this quilt again and get it "right" I hope A will help me with another quilt. It means so much to me that he's supportive and encouraging of my love of quilting!

Makayla's QuiltI made this quilt for my friend Jessica's daughter on her move to her "big girl" bed. I changed the fabrics around to make it less "clean" looking than the original design. Jessica said Makayla's bedroom theme was pink and purple butterflies. The main fabric is pink and cream but saw the blue and green in the store and wanted to add a splash for fun. Aunt Jackie bought the backing for me when I was out in Seattle with her, mom, Aunt Mary Alice (and infant R), and I all went fabric shopping. The colors are perfect and in large sections you can see flowers and butterflies, while it's all really flowers. I hope Makayla and Jessica like it.

Rectangle Weave for Erika

I made this quilt for my friend Maria's daughter, Ericka. Maria and I were pregnant together on the dance team. We went to the store and found the yellow and green fabrics first, then the black star fabric. Maria wanted to bring light and brightness into their lives, hence the vibrant colors. As I was making the top, I noticed the other colors in the stars and wish we had pulled from that more but am still thrilled with how it turned out.
The backing fabric was actually from my stash. One of my regulars at Prospect, Jeanette, gave me a bunch of her unused fabrics and this lovely yellow was in it. It's a nice, soft, sweatshirt-like material and great for cuddling under. I love the idea of using unusual fabrics for the backing. I quilted this using the "outline" technique. I really liked it, almost as easy and "stitch in the ditch" but more fun! I am going to do it again for sure!
I wrapped this up with the corresponding teddy bear quilt in a box with Dora paper on it. R had a hard time not opening it! She loves Dora and presents.

(I need to get a picture of that teddy bear quilt to do another scrapbook page here but just go with it for now)

R's Big Girl Bed Quilt: Buttoned Up Pinwheels I knew I wanted to make a big girl bed quilt for R to convert her bed into a toddler bed with. My goal was to finish the quilt by her second birthday, which I just missed. I really love this pattern. I invited A's mom to come with me to pick out fabrics in hopes of re-establishing communication. She does not have an eye for fabrics!I'm not in love with our choices, not for a toddler bed at least. I hurried through the quilt and made lots of mistakes. Mostly butting and lining things up. I wish I had slowed down. I'm currently looking for a pattern for her next bed-a twin size. I can't believe how quickly she's growing up!

Touchie Duckie: Tub Party

When my co-worker Paula said she was pregnant, I knew I'd make her something special. At JoAnn's, R was with me and saw a kit for this duckie quilt and insisted I get it. It wasn't a lot of arm twisting! It was a very quick and easy kit to pit together. This was the first time I have made a kit! More importantly-this was the first time I sewed each layer together inside out and turned it right side in! SO cool! I think I'll hang onto the pattern and do this again with my own materials/themes for babies. Not only is it so easy but the fabrics have so many different textures and colors to keel little hands and eyes interested. I'm still planning on making Paula another quilt for her little guy, but this was such a nice, sweet start. And who doesn't like duckies?

Moda Isn't Christmas Jolly?: Charm Quilt This quilt was the first quilt I made with quality fabric-Moda. They have so many great designers! I can't wait for the day my budget allows for me to buy good fabrics, until then JoAnn's will do. This also was the first quilt I made with charm packs. I used six! It was really fun and easy to do-quick too! In the end I decided I didn't want this over sized throw in my house-the black and yellow are too much for me in this Christmas quilt. My friend Beth though mentioned these are her house colors, so she picked out the backing fabrics and I finished it for her and gave it to her just after Thanksgiving.

Aunt Jackies' Quilt: Framed Four Patch

In August 2006, A, R (2 mo's old at the time), and I went back to Seattle to celebrate my college graduation with my extended family and friends. Aunt Jackie picked out a quilt from one of mom's quilting mags- I think it was Quilters World. We picked out several fabrics and I went back home. After setting the project aside, losing the magazine, and starting other projects, I finally came back to this one! We bought the fabric at mom's favorite quilt store in Bellevue - I LOVE the main fabric! I am not sure about the green border and yet I love it at the same time. I did make several mistakes, actually only two blocks but it looks like more than that. Oooops. That's what I get for making them seperate from the rest and rushing when I realised I needed them. Thank goodness it's for someone who loves me and cares more about the time and love I put into it than if it's perfect or not. I still need to work on my half-square-triangles, but am getting better. Maybe someday I will make a quilt with all or mostly triangles and become a master!

Do do do do do Dora the Explorer Quilt: Streak of Lightning

I started gathering Dora fabric as soon as I knew R liked her. I had no idea what I'd do with it, but I knew I'd find something.
When I realised R would need a twin size quilt, I knew this would be what Dora's be used for! I spent a lot of time trying to find a pattern and the fabric to tie it all together. Thank goodness for JoAnn's! I figured it all out. And with the help of my blog buddies at I got a good block size and went to town!
I started sewing this together when I went down with the Star Team to get the Butte story ready to open. I almost had it finished in those five days too, but we were busy. I can't wait to give this to R for Christmas!
Hey, are you still with me? Awesome, what do you think? Sure I am not great with gramar (or spelling) but at least I record some information about all these quilts and have something to look back on. Maybe some day I will be a famous or award winning quilter and can show this book off and people will say "wow, you have come a long ways!" Or I will look back in this and remember the people who I made quilts for and why I made them, and just enjoy. Thanks for reading!

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Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I think it's great that you have this scrapbook put together - and managed to get it put together with 2 little ones demanding attention! I started a quilting journal, but forget to write in it (it doesn't have pictures in it). I would like to have a quilting scrapbook - maybe when I retire in Dec. I can do it - I'll add it to my growing list of things to do. Hee Hee!
I have added your blog to my google reader list, but I read your blogs on APQ also. (I got up early to walk, but it's starting to rain).