Wednesday, August 26, 2009

projects getting accomplished

I have been sewing at night lately. R has been having a hard time going to sleep most nights, not crashing until 11 or 12! Instead of vegging on the couch I've been sewing. It works out alright since H wakes up around 12 for a feeding I probably mentioned I made some blocks for my block lotto group (by the way, please join if interested! It's kind of fun!) Well, that was what got me out of my sewing stand still with two little girls. As much as I should probably be resting it's something I enjoy and something that's all mine.

I started in on the Butterfly Beauty quilt I mentioned before. I have 3/5 of my strips sewn together, and then all of them will need to be cut into either blocks in some cases (the white with purple) and parts to a block in others (the flower with white)...not clear I know but just go with it! It's coming along really well and quickly at this point.

I also made two new blocks for the Shop Hop quilt. They are called Ruins of Jericho and were actually far less intimidating to do than I thought they'd be. (my directions had me sew the strips instead of two little pieces to one small but long one I striped together the two colored ones and one cream and cut it into four...much easier! and I think the two colors works better, but I didn't design the quilt =)

I have been working on my leaders/enders/scrap quilts and one night a few weeks ago I made a ton since I had nothing else ready to sew, then they sat around waiting for attention. I finally got around to pressing them and continue to press the new contributions. I need to actually finish a project soon so I can start storing the pairs in one of my project tubs and the unmatched squares in another. Or I could just go get some more tubs =)
I was working on the binding to the little girl quilt that I COULD give to H, but don't love enough to keep (I have plans for her anyways) but ran out of thread with one side left! I ran out of both bobbin AND normal (top?) thread since I always buy two (of the small) spools and make one into bobbins and leave the other one intact so I have enough bobbins to match the top. I hate unthreading the machine just for a little more bobbin thread. With the big spools, which I only get in neutrals for piecing I just make a handful of bobbins. Hopefully in the next few days I can go to JoAnns and get another spool.

I was playing around blogger while nursing H a day or two ago and saw Rachel's other great blog...her Calender Quilt Challenge. Now if only I had been reading all these blogs back when she started the challenge. I am thinking I'd like to do one too! I know it's way early to be thinking about the New Year but it will come up here before we know it. I think I am going to start cutting strips for it. I will pose an invitation to work on one with me closer to 2010! but put it in the back of your minds.
I made a slight mistake on my last post about the give away from Fat Quarter Shop...I was supposed to give you the link the their exact blog post. Why does it matter you ask? Because they have ANOTHER giveaway on THIS post. Two happening, two chances, or six in my case, but you could get up to 10 chances! My vote on the Thimbleberries is for Dusk, Dawn is too fair, Midnight is too dark, so call me Goldilocks, but Dusk seems perfect!!

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a good yarn said...

Butterfly Beauty looks lovely! I'm amazed at how muh you are achieving. I have no small children in my life and haven't sewed a stitch lately. You've inspired me to get stuck in. Ann :)