Friday, August 21, 2009

what girls are made of

Sugar and spice and everything nice right? Um...can someone introduce me to THOSE little girls? OK H can get credit for being that at the moment, but how can she not when all she can do is cry, eat, and cuddle? R on the other hand...lordy! OK, OK, she's not THAT bad but today was one of those days where I wish I could have gone out for a 10 am!

R woke up early and demanded attention, which meant that I had to get up because A is dead to the world until at least 12, usually more like 1pm. So up we were and usually she can entertain herself while I veg out or cat nap on the couch but this was one of those days she wouldn't leave me alone! Sure, I'll give you extra attention, especially since we are the only two up in the house. When H did get up, R stole my Boppy pillow and refused to let me use it to feed H, then when I decided to just go for it without the support she threw fit after fit about being hungry and thirsty, poopie (she wasn't by the way!) whatever else she could come up with. I sort of am used to that but it's still annoying. The highlight of my day was when she threw a huge fit because I was trying to find her a cartoon, and I knew she wouldn't like the one I found first so I tried to change the channel...she got "grounded" for that! No TV all day. A was not happy with that rule, he's a little TV dependent but I was thrilled to go the whole day without any unnecessary background noise!

I have managed to make and clean up dinner the past two nights! Last night we had pasta with garlic bread and a salad. Tonight we had Taco Salad! Not hard dinners but still, I am not much of a cook and I HATE cleaning dishes. I also have a fairly clean house. Not company clean, but totally livable clean! the exception is my room because every time I have a chance to clean it, someone is sleeping in there (R has started taking naps on my bed, not happy about it but boy do I need my peace and quiet and nap time so I'll let it go for right now).

Speaking of nap time, today A was out getting job apps so he can have a second/more steady job, both girls were sleeping and instead of taking a nap, I sewed! I didn't think I'd be able to enter anything into the block lotto this month, not with the new little one and the three year old but the machine had been calling my name for so long that I just gave in and gave it some attention. R must have been "sewing" with no fabric sometime when I wasn't around and I had a huge tangle to work out, so after 45 minutes of tugging, cutting, whatever else one has to do to untangle thread in a machine, I was off and running. H slept in her chair next to my sewing desk and was out the whole time!

I managed to make all 9 of the blocks I can enter into the lotto! I made a few little mistakes that I didn't catch until a little ways into the blocks. Some of my first couple logs are not 90 degree angles! I don't know how that happened since I was careful to line things up, but I guess that's what happens when you quilt when you should really be napping...I hope they don't mind! If they do, when I send the blocks off I will include a little note saying I'd be happy to make replacement blocks more carefully, it's not huge and noticeable, but then again I think these people are all more experienced and better quilters than I am and will notice and might care. Me, I'd just call it character!

Had it not been so hot and muggy today I might have ironed some more fabric and maybe even cut some stuff up! I have decided to go for that butterfly beauty quilt with what I have, mostly because I have everything for it and can get the top done without spending any more, but also because I really want to learn how to do something on point, and this has great directions with simple blocks...and I can't ignore the machine much longer! I am so much calmer and happier when I have spent even just a few minutes sewing.

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a good yarn said...

More of life's interesting tapestry. Boy am I glad the *baby* days are over. Still, it's ana amazing time that passes altogether too quickly. Love the bright blocks! Ann :)