Saturday, August 15, 2009

a new give away!

I will admit I am a little addicted to these give-aways! I WANT MORE FABRIC! I am sure you can all relate, and it doesn't help that they keep saying to get extra chances to win tell others about it. I want to keep these all to myself but I want the extra chances! So up this time: Rachel at p.s. I quilt has a yummy sounding give away so here I am telling you about it so I can get a chance to win! You can have up to 5 chances with her and I will get all but one because I just can't afford to place an order no matter how much I drool over the Quilt Shoppes goodies, hence why I keep entering these give aways!

I have been going through those quilt mags that I bought on e-bay and am very inspired. A few of the mags have nothing I would make because they use too many templates, which I still don't know how to use and prefer strips. I don't mind paper piecing but I am not currently drawn to any of the patterns that have paper piecing in them in these mags. I HAVE found about three patterns I am adding to my list of things to make and then several more "if I were to get around to it this would be nice" I might have to make going through these a yearly, or every other year thing so I don't forget about those "maybe"s plus who doesn't love looking at quilts

I did find a really nice pattern that looks fairly easy and fun and will try to make for the girls. I think the plan is since they are girls, we will get them a bunk bed when H is older and they will keep sharing a room. My plan is to make two twin quilts, slightly different (maybe just the boarder will be different), to put on their beds when we get them bunk beds. Its a fat quarter friendly quilt so I am going to start stashing FQ's in pinks and greens for them! the picture doesn't do it justice, and I am not a yellow/cream person so at first I flipped past it but somehow came back to it...I love it (with a color change)!

The girls are doing well, H has been eating,sleeping, filling diapers, and trying to hold her head up like a good little one should. R is adjusted for the most part, it's funny how insecure she is when it comes to A though. If he and H are cuddling R has to be a part of it too. She could care less about me! R also has been constantly saying "I so hungry" but then not finishing what I serve her. That's getting on my nerves because I end up tossing 75% of the food I serve her but I think its her way of asking for attention. she and I made a coffee cake today and did dishes together which she seemed to enjoy, and hey we didn't make a big mess! SCORE! Now if only I could get to that huge laundry pile that's accumulated. Really the folding and putting away is where my hold up is.


a good yarn said...

Good luck with the giveaway. While I'd really like more fabric I should probably sew what I have. looks nice having it about for decorative purposes. Ha! That's a lovely quilt and will look charming in pinks and greens. Glad things are going well with the girls. Ann :)

rachel griffith said...

thanks for the link.
& good luck.