Wednesday, August 12, 2009

one week

H is one week old today! I am still shocked at how little she is, actually no, I am surprised how big R is! mostly her feet and head, but still everything! There's just under 3 years and 2 months difference between the two but still it's a huge difference! I am going through this "please never grow up!" thing but at the same time I am so proud of how big R is and how much I want her to grow up more.

We had H's one week appointment today and she's not yet back to her birth weight but she is gaining just under an ounce a week so that's good, means my nursing is on track but we do have to go in next week just for a weight check. I also made her 2 month appointment as well as R's 3 year old appointment (a few months late but easier to do it together than to try and get another appointment in. R is healthy and we've only had to take her in twice for something other than her well baby checks, once when she got pink eye from the Library and once when she had an allergic reaction to the Penicillin she got from the hospital for her ear infection (she spiked a fever in the middle of the night and we couldn't get it down...but I wish we could have waited for morning!

I mailed off my block lotto blocks today...well hold on, I meant to but they are still in my purse, guess I have something to do tomorrow! Well anyways, I got them READY to mail off, and picked out fabric for the new blocks. I really don't know if I will get to them (and I am sorry the picture doesn't do the colors justice, I played with lighting but couldn't get anything decent; red is in the middle and one side has warm colors and the other side has cools) this month but just in case I have a moment to get to the machine in a moment of peace in the house when I don't want to sleep. I want to do log cabin quilts so this would be a great way to learn how to make them. I have about three quilts I want to do that are log cabin style but for now maybe I will do these blocks.
I bought some Quilters World magazines from e-bay and got them in the mail on Saturday. I have not looked through them all (I bought 15) but one of them is one I have been searching for. I thought there were two of them in the lot but it turns out that there was a type-o so the second one was actually a different year, right month though! I see a few quilts I do want to do but the one I was hunting for, Butterfly Beauty, was there. I already have the fabric for it so I am glad to have the pattern. I don't think it will work now that I see the two of them together but I still want to give it a go. The white has silver sparkles in case you can't see it, the purple is roses purple on purple, and the main fabric (although it's the ones used the least...I guess I mean the fabric from which I drew the other colors from?) has too much white I think. Plus I love the blue in it more than I love the purple...oh and that green. I am sort of rethinking if this is the right pattern for this fabric but I bought it with the intention of making it for this pattern....Do you think it would still work even though it's got all that white in it, or should I set it aside until I do find a pattern I want to make that would work well with these colors (and maybe add some of that blue and green?) I have no real plans for this quilt, I don't know anyone getting married or moving into an apartment on their own so there's no urgency either way but I hate to just add these fabrics to my stash and have them sit unused for so long and I do love the pattern....enough blabbing about that, but your feedback would be great. If you can't tell I change my mind about it each time I look at it.

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a good yarn said...

Two beautiful Princesses in the one family! They do grow up so quickly. I do like your fabrics and its a super pattern. Why not sit on it for a wee bit longer - let them *talk* to you. Ann :)