Tuesday, September 15, 2009

quilt-y things

Sorry to back to back post here for you, but the one post was getting too long

There is another give away! Ok, I don't need to have any new projects to work on but I am addicted to these things! Do you think there's a 12-step program for quilters addicted to quilt related blog give aways? I guess I am not hurting anyone, am I? Anyways, head on over here and follow the rules if you want to participate too. according to the rules, I am supposed to post a picture link thingie back here but I don't know how. Hopefully she'll let it slide. Anyways, she asked us to tell her our favorite collection that the shoppe offers (I looked around and decided Ava Rose, Love is in the Air, and Peppermint Cottage), someone else once asked what our favorite designer was. I am passing that question onto you, what is your favorite....color? theme? designer? design house? what is your favorite....

I love anything out of Lakehouse Dry Goods. I don't own any of it, but am madly in love with it and would give anything to be able to live with their fabric around me.

I also like the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear but that might be because I love reading them to the girls more than their design originality. I want to get my hands on both those collections, I know there's still some caterpillar stuff out there and bears new(ish) so that wouldn't be too hard but A wont let me get any more fabric (except what Santa is getting me to go with the books my cousins getting for me from her work-Barnes and Noble) until I use up some more of what I have. One of these days he will understand a quilter and her fabric but until then I will just sneak stuff in =)

I finished this months blocks for the block lotto. I had some problems with my first batch of 9, I read the instructions wrong and cut my fabric 1/4 an inch too big, so I had to start over but by the time I realised what I did it was too late to save the fabric (I had tried to trim the squares down) I only had enough "Asian" prints left for 8...thank goodness I didn't mess up again or I'd have to go get more!!Ok, OK, my points aren't prefect and I don't know what I did to mess them up but I hope no one minds too much!! Actually, I think I will only enter 6 of them, there are two that I am embarrassed to have. If I win again I will use them in my quilt, but if not at least I wont have to send them off to someone. I know the lotto was started for beginners but sometimes I feel like I am in the advanced class. Maybe it's the iron...sure sure, that's the problem...ok like 10% of it

One of my co-workers made H a baby blanket. It's a perfect one for taking outside and letting her lay on. I know I make quilts for people to use and abuse and I'd happily remake one down the road, but I don't know if that's what everyone intends with quilts. This one is made of flannel and is cuddly and soft. In the winter I plan to use it to keep her warm in her bed and in the car seat. There's flannel on both sides and a thin layer of batting that I can feel so warm warm warm! I shouldn't have been surprised when I opened her present to see the quilt, but I was. I am still waiting on one for R from my mom, and R is 3! All she has to do is finish the biding. That's been the case since she found a quilter she likes and had her do the quilting two years ago.

I am sharing a pic of a quilt someone made for R as a shower gift when I was pregnant with her. She started it for A's dad who passed away before R was born. I don't think this is a manly quilt...and I don't think it was built for rough and tough play. It was made with what looks like very dainty stitches. It does do a great job covering up the landlords poor attempt at patching up a hole in the wall as well as good decoration in the girls room (over the side of R's bed)

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