Sunday, September 06, 2009

oh, JoAnn's, how you let me down!

This is the first time I will complain about my JoAnns. I am sure if I lived in a bigger area, with a bigger store, I wouldn't be able to complain but for the moment I will. I went there today with the girls and was so disappointed to find that they don't sell Lycra or spandex! I am looking to make R's costume, she wants to be a "beautiful ballerina superhero" so I was going to pick out two pinks, one bright, one light, and make her a leotard, a tutu, and a cape. No superhero is complete without a cape, plus I was going to do fleece on the inside, something pretty on the outside, so she'd be warm if it's chilly. I will still do everything except the leotard now. I have to look for one in stores and it wont be the color I wanted (I think I'll have to go with ballet pink or black when I wanted light pretty pink) bummer! I did get Tulle and ribbon and I have some fleece at home but I might get a different color, we will have to see as I go.

I finished the binding and quilting of one of my projects today, actually it was last night while waiting for R to get to sleep. Crazy kids is such a night owl it kills me! I try not giving her a rest, nope she will just crash when she's tired enough. I try waking her up early and she will just fall asleep and is unwakeupeable until shes ready. I try making her take her nap earlier, but she will fight it and fight it until we give in and she'll still sleep when she's ready. SO there I was sewing at 12am waiting for the child to crash. she finally did at 12:30 and I finished sewing around 15 minutes later, showered and went to bed.

Yesterday I started a cleaning project, I had cleaned up the living room and the hall/coat closet had been driving me nuts for months. I had sort of cleaned it when pregnant, mostly just enough that the vacuum could fit in there but nothing more than that. Today after the fabric store we went to Target and got some cubes (I LOVE those cloth cubes and seriously could organize my whole house with them and am well on my way to that) and new hangers. I love how organized it now looks. It's ready for the snowy season. We do have four seasons here in Montana but it's easier to describe as two since spring and fall tend to bounce between the two instead of being their own. Snowy and Hot. I prefer the hot. I need to work on the linen closet next. BTW why do we still call that the linen closet when we don't have linens anymore? it's the towel/sheets/extra TP/PT/game closet in my house. If I went so into sewing and fabric I probably would be able to keep a lot of the sheets and extra TP in the laundry room but nope, it's fabric =) The closet here has before and after pics, and I took them 24 hours apart, so I have no idea why the second is so blurry, the lighting was the exact same, but whatever! And I had decided to take before/after pictures after cleaning off the top shelf, but you can imagine what that was like based on the bottom!

The girls are doing well, H has some pooping problems but I remember R having them too about this age. R is actually not as wild as she has been, but A's been at work from 11-9 five days a week and the days hes home without any errands she's active and doesn't listen. It's hurting his feelings knowing shes good when he's not around, but we will see how she is when I am not around here in just about two weeks. Oh how I don't want to go back to work, I am beginning to really enjoy the girls company and we are getting into a rhythm here. Then I have to go back to work? phooey!

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a good yarn said...

That's a shame about JoAnn's. I like the idea of a beautiful ballerina superhero costume. It's so marvellous to have things organised. Great before and after shots. Sorry you have to go back to work. I would like to be at home a bit more often. Ann :)