Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Before we get to the heart of the matter, last give away at the Jolly Jabber/FQS...It's not a BOTM but a quarterly thingie...go read about it because I can't describe it very well here =)

I did some more major cleaning Yesterday when A was at work and at least one of the kids was down. R woke up from her rest to find me moving couches and all the furniture in the living room to vacuum every crumb there was. I also had the guts to reorganize the bathroom/storage (commonly referred to as the linen closet) closet because R kept getting into the tools where they were. H was asleep for that, but R was just watching a movie and kept poking her head over to check up on me. We WERE going to do dishes, clean the kitchen and bake something but that got pushed back until today. Baking might even have to go back another day, I want to sew....

Yesterday as a treat to myself for all the hard work cleaning, I played at my machine. I got a new ironing board, it hangs over the closet door, the only thing is when A got it to replace my table top one that he sat on and bent, he didn’t think about how there’s no outlet over there. There is one on the wrong side of the door’s wall down a ways on the other side of the heater, so I guess another extension cord is on the list. I still need a good iron, that’s on the Christmas list now!
So, I was going to pin my aunt’s quilt top to everything else in a quilt sandwich, but then I remembered I needed to make the backing big enough. I did that (need to press it now and then I can pin….oh this was the whole reason for the mass vacuum session too) and then thought about my other two quilt tops that were waiting for their layers….yup, I didn’t buy enough fabric for either one. What was I thinking? I need 3 more yards for R’s Dora quilt, and 2 yards for my Isn’t Christmas Jolly charm quilt. I also remembered I have borders cut out for the Dora quilt, but not yet sewn on…so that’ll be on the list as soon as I press the seams between the lengths of border that I sewed together last night.

This brings me to a major point. I have three finished tops, one more in the works, the block lotto blocks to put together into a top, the Shop Hop blocks to finish making and figure out what I want to do with (obviously put them into a top too), and the JoAnn’s BOTM that I have those four applique blocks to do and then the sashing and borders with a little more applique, and finally my two leaders/enders quilts that I am using the same stuff for so it‘s really one double project if that makes sense. so that is a total of 8(9) projects at various stages of development. Oh PLUS this months Block Lotto Blocks that I need to get to before I go back to work so I know I get them done this month. That’s 9/10!! Do you remember the promise I made to myself? I will NEVER move onto another project without seeing this one through? Oh you do? Me too…but what happened?

What happened was:
1) I got intimidated by applique (but am going to get over that before Christmas I hope)
2) I didn’t have any fabric for backings
3) I didn’t have money for fabric for backings
4) I didn’t have any batting
5) I,again, had no money for batting
6) I got bored with projects…this is the least of the problems though because if I have 1-5, then I can’t justify #6 as an excuse and will force myself to finish before moving on.

Now I have 2-5 in modest amounts. I don’t have enough money to go wild at the store, but I can buy my backing (and hope I am not a fool and forget I will have to use two panels for my quilt backs.) and I got a GREAT deal on Warm and Natural, I thought I should buy a few more…$10 for queen size batting at JoAnn’s plus this weekend they had a 10% off your total purchase including sale items. I got three for the three tops that are done. Now no excuses for those three and as I am working on these projects I refuse to start anything new (with the exception of new monthly block lotto blocks). If I get all these current projects DONE done, by the new year….I will do a happy dance…and stick to my rules again. At least until I come up with new excuses!


Breezy Bree said...

I think the biggest reason is youve just had a baby and concentrating on anything is tough so finishing stuff is tough, much easier to start a new project :) I have started my UFO's, it does feel good to get the sewing machine out after the summer.

a good yarn said...

My friend says this..."How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time, of course!" Take your time, don't let all these UFOs overwhlem you. Remember, quilting is emant to be fun. Ann :)