Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa,

Dear Mr. Clause,

We've known each other for 25 years now. I am still amazed by your magic. Oh I know "the secret" but you still are magical. You seem to be even more so now that I have my own children and can re-live all the magic and see it through the girl's eyes. I can't wait for H to be a little older too, so both of them can look forward to your visits.

The Fat Quarter Shop has mentioned you might have an elf or two working in their shop. Those are some lucky elves! They told me to be sure to put something from there on my list. Oh word! Just one thing? Can I tell you about three things I want and a little story behind them so you can pick and choose? The first thing I would like is some yardage from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I want a lot: the caterpillars I want 5 yards, food print, 5 yards, Dots, 6 yards. and I'd love some assorted colors 1-2 yards of each. Oh no, I don't need BOTH prints for each color, just the colors! I also have some of the numbers already so I think I am set there. Why so much you ask? And please know, you don't have to get it all. Any little bit would be so wonderful!! You remember my dad right? He had open heart surgery when he was five (or so he remembers, Grandma said it had to be younger since she didn't have any other boys to worry about yet, and Grandpa just says it was when he was young) back in the early 60's....when they didn't do that sort of thing often, and on children was very experimental and unheard of by most. He had his surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center. I am sure you are getting a lot of letters from there right now, and from a lot of parents hoping to bring joy to their sick child and make them forget they are sick for one magical day. Well the point is they saved his life, he went on to grow up, have a family, and is now watching me have my family. He and my mom have always given to the Hospital in whatever way they could, and I used to give of my time and help fundraise for their Uncompensated Care program. Since I went off to college I could only help out during summers, and then I had my girls and live so far away. I can't give like I want to. I have had this idea in the back of my head since I first saw that line of fabric to make a nursery set out of it, but not only that, I'd also make a crib/toddler bed quilt, and I came up with my own pattern for a twin size quilt based off one I saw in a magazine I think, or maybe Andover's web site, just modified to make me happy. I would love to auction it off, either at a hospital event or on my own and give the proceeds to the Hospital. I would be giving of my time and talent, but I don't have enough "treasure" to afford to do this right now. Now that I am the mother of two young, beautiful, sweet, and special girls I want to give to the hospital who not only gave the world a few more years of my dad, so I could be here, and so I can hold my girls, but who give so many other children futures and parents more time with their children regardless of how much more time it is in the end.

The next thing I want is selfish, I want some Civil War Reproduction fabric too. I know you got me those two Civil War Love Letter/Diary quilt books that I asked for for two years now, and finally this year you drooped them off and asked me to wrap them last month. I really like this collection. A fat quarter bundle would be enough to get me started at least!

For other things I'd like, I need some new socks and definitely need new undies. Nothing too wild, but not too "old lady" like either. I want some accessories, jewelry, scarfs, no bracelets though those just get in the way at work. I'd like some knick kknacks for my stocking like new needles for my sewing machine, new rotary blades, more pins, more bobbins. Really I want my girls to have a good Christmas. They have been good this year. I know I have threatened to call you at night night time for R, she has such a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. Other than pushing my buttons as a good, healthy, three year old should be she's such a great big sister. Even today she said to H after a kiss on H's cheek, "Oh, H, you so sweet, I love you so much. You the best friend, I so proud!" Aweee!!!

Thank you so much, Santa!

p.s. I read R the story about The Polar Express last night, and she asked if she'd get to go on a train ride like that boy. I said I'd ask you but she might be too young. If you are up for her energy, please make a stop at our house.

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