Friday, December 11, 2009

I will never understand how the house gets so messy so quickly! Never! Thursday I had the house picked up. I needed to vacuum, mop, clean our bedroom, and organize my desk a bit, but those were all small things. Two days latter I was going to pick up the living room (this was last night) but decided I would just get mad, so decided to wait until today. Lordy is it a disaster. The girls room isn't too bad and the kitchen will be better with a load of dishes run and the counters (and floor) given a good wipe down. I don't understand, I worked both those days and I made a Little of the mess but seriously?

Today was going to be spent binding away. I have to make more holiday cookies because a 6 foot 4 inch not blue or furry cookie monster ate all the ones I already made to mail out. Oh well, as long as he enjoyed them right? The 3 foot 6 inch cookie monster helped too. So I think I will wait on that kitchen floor. Drink my Decaf Christmas blend for now, tell you a bit about whats going on. Clean the living room, make cookies, and then tackle binding. I hope to be able to mail things out tomorrow or Monday at the absolute latest.

I have made a lot of things, I will post pics when I am totally done. It'll be a little more incentive to finish tonight. I hope the girls cooperate. R and I slept in until almost 10! so no nap for her. H woke up around 12 and again around 6 to eat, unusual for her, but whatever. She's been having a lot of gas/tummy trouble at night, from like 5 until she finally gives into sleep. No fun, especially since A is usually at work those times. And I am worn out by then if I open.

I meant to leave this longer but my Christmas Blend (yes darn it it's decaf but if I have regular H gets SOOO gassy and then it starts a horrible cycle of needing caffeine and gas so no rest so more caffeine....ugh!) is inspiring me so I want to at least get this living room back in order!!! TTFN, know a post with pics will be here tomorrow or Tues! Hooray!

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