Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Memories

What is your favorite Christmas Memory?

I have so many, but this one made me laugh when I called my aunt to help her choose one and the details of it. My brother was in preschool, I think it was his second year so he was 4 or 5. I was in 3rd or 4th grade. (Now tomorrow/later today you will learn about how old I was when I learned about Santa!) We were down in the Tri-Cities (in Southeastern Washington there at three cities almost in the middle of nowhere that are all relatively large, Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick all right next to each other and are referred to as the "Tri-Cities" instead of individually) visiting my mom's parents. We were there, mom dad, b, and I. My aunt J was there, Aunt MA was there, and I think Aunt T too, but we might have had someone else. That I don't remember.

My family was the last of the family to arrive, and when we pulled up everyone came out to great us. Nana said "B, do you see this sign? Do you know what it says?" and he didn't but he did see it was a stop sign (oh I wish I had the picture, but this was back in the film days) She told him it said "Santa, Please Stop Here!" That way there's no chance Santa would miss us! He was at the age he was very concerned about Santa delivering his presents to the wrong house! I kept trying to tell him that if Santa knows if you are sleeping or not, and knows if you've been bad or good than he's GOT to know WHERE you are for Christmas!

Inside, Nana had her special Peach and Sage tree set up in the formal living room and had a colorful kid-like one set up in the informal living room (that's where we did presents). Nana was so excited to have both trees up and ready for us.

Skip forward a few days, Christmas eve we hang the stockings. We all have matching ones sort of, they are the same style but different decorations, and we all have our own name except mom who has "1" for First Christmas, but it ended up being hers forever since her grandma passed away shortly thereafter. Nana made aunt T's and Aunt MA makes them now. H should be getting hers in the mail tomorrow!!!

Ooops, back to the story, We were getting ready for bed, had a great dinner, and had just come back from "Midnight Mass" Nana was setting up these great self-rising roles that a friend of hers highly recommended and was great for such a large crowd. We went to bed, the rolls covered, T read us The Night Before Christmas, and B and I went to bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in out heads. We were sharing a room!

In the morning, Nana was still in her room for some reason, and the rest of us were arriving in the kitchen/informal dining room for coffee and cereal (brunch would be served AFTER presents so things could bake while we were doing them. No one had to get up early then!) and I think I was first or second, then mom, then J walks in, says "Oh No!" and we all go over to the counter where the rolls were to see that not only did they rise, they were all over the counter and even falling on the floor! They had been placed in the back corner so had quite the trip to the floor!!

We were all waiting for Nana to come in, and I was reminded like 6 or 7 times not to say anything and see what Nana says. She didn't notice for so long!! She had her coffee, was reading the paper, was doing a little of this and that. Finally one of the Grown Ups said something about "I can't wait to try those sticky buns!" and Nana went to check on them. oh her reaction was great. I think we got it on tape even! She was SHOCKED!

They tasted great!

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Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What fun memories you have with your family and Christmas! How cute that your brother was so concerned about Santa and you reassured him all would be fine! Thanks so much for joining us in the fun. Hope you and your famiy have a great Christmas!