Thursday, December 17, 2009

little of the girls, little of the quilts

I should be cleaning, but after walking home from work the past two days, my legs are KILLING me! I haven't walked that far since before H was born. I had been so proud of myself for walking my whole pregnancy. That's probably why H didn't come after all those hours of walking the weeks leading up to her birth, she and I were already so used to it!

Speaking of the girls, they are doing well. I am going to take a Christmas picture of them tonight or tomorrow in their cute dresses and stockings. H has shoes that are her size according to how old she is, but they are HUGE on her. Such a petite thing that little girl is. On the other hand R has jumbo feet. I am worried about when she gets older and wants to borrow friends shoes. Maybe she'll grow into her width, but for now, why don't they sell wide shoes for kids?

Can you see what R is reading? It's called Hi-Five, it's the Highlights magazine for 2-5 year olds. She LOVES it. Mom gave her a subscription, last year for Christmas and renewed it this year. Not that R will put it together, but Mom and I know. That's all that matters. This year will be fun for her! I will share more after all is said and done =) The point of that was if you know a youngster, I highly recommend Highlights and/or Hi-Five for them. Yes, they are more expensive than many magazines out there, but honestly, hours of entertainment for both R and I. She reads each copy until it falls apart, just in time for the new one to come in.

I told you I won two give-aways. One was from Therica from Pig tales and Quilts. Here is what she sent me. There was also a great origami piece that had a sweet note inside but R called dibs on that! There's two wonderful fabrics and an awesome applique pattern. What's super cool about the pattern is I looked at it and thought "wow, that would be a great quilt to celebrate and remember the time I spent living in Montana (because you know I am itching to get out of this state, too cold in the winters and things are just too far apart!) and the next day I looked at it again, turned it over, and the designer lives in Bigfork, MT! WOW! One of my co-workers says she thinks this might be one panel that can either be used on its own or with other panels to create a bigger quilt. I need to go do some research.

I will try to share more before Christmas, but things are going CRAZY here!! I mean CRAZY!!!!

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Thearica said...

Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve!

I am glad to see you received your package! And yes, the pattern does have others that can be put with it for a larger quilt. McKenna does beautiful work with her designs! And they are not as difficult to do as they appear.

I got tickled when I saw your description of the card as being origami. I have never done any origami but if that is actually what that was, then I did it unknowingly. And I am glad your daughter liked it... LOL