Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Weird Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday. I don’t think I have been to mass since R was baptized, not that I haven’t wanted to go, but I keep coming up with excuses. A won’t go with me, R’s going to be too fussy, I have to work, A has to work etc. While many times they are the truth, I should still go. A is not Catholic like I am, but he does support me being Catholic and understands my desire to raise R as one too. We’d love to send her to Catholic schools, but there aren’t any around here that I would be comfortable sending her too. The one I know about is where they put troubled kids who need some serious structure, or so I have heard.

I went online to find the phone number for my parish so I can update them with my new address and what not, but saw that Ash Wednesday Mass was being held at 21:10, that was a little less than an hour from then, so I convinced A to get up, and we all went. It was wonderful, I miss Mass. I can see why A’s not comfortable with it, but that’s why we chose the parish we go to; it’s less stuffy and crowded than the Cathedral (which is where I would chose to go, but compromised with A) I hope I can get him to go more often.

I went into work after Mass to place my order (and get R her “coffee” for being such a good girl at mass) and talked to my manager. I will be transferring to the other store in town. She said that she’s doing it because they need a shift over there and the manager there will be able to focus a lot of energy on getting me ASM ready, where as my current one has so much work cut out for her to get the store into a good place that she thinks I will be back burnered. Our RM is in town for the day/a few days to check in on the stores and what not.

Earlier the two of them (and maybe the other SM was there too) were talking about the ASM shifts that are happening in the region…now I am hazy on this and probably pushing some of my hopes into the picture, but it sounds like my store is not the only one that will be undergoing changes. It somehow came up that I was willing to relocate (probably why I was chosen to change stores out of our team) and I had mentioned one town in particular, because I know a store is in the works there and the cost of living is so low, but the RM mentioned another town that has a few stores and they wanted to ask me about it first. YES! Let me go anywhere! The short story is that we need to get A out of this town. It’s the one he was born and raised in and he needs to see the world from a different perspective. There are more possibilities for me getting ASM than I though! I am starting to think it might really happen….and not in the distant future.

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