Thursday, February 21, 2008


While visiting my parents I became inspired. That is the kind way of putting it. I remember looking to my parents when I was younger both for inspiration, guidance, and for their flaws. I learned a lot from them, both how to live my life and how I didn’t want to. I think all of us did, but it is interesting to go back and see them, see the life I used to have and compare it to what I have now. Here’s what I came away with this week:

The first thing is diet. My parents are overweight, and have been for a while. The past few years I know they have been trying to diet and lose weight, but are not terribly successful. Watching their struggles has made me look at my life. Right now I like to eat junk food. I don’t exercise enough. I am taking for granted my body and my shape. I know that in a few years my body will slow down. I need to establish healthy habits now so when I am in m y 40’s like my parents I am not fighting 20 years of work. I don’t think they look bad and I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with a few curves, I just see how hard they try to get figures they are happy with and want to prevent that struggle for myself.

The second thing I need to work on that I realized from my visit is my housekeeping skills. I hate cleaning, I love the feeling when the project is complete just to know it all starts again the next day. The problem with my parents is they hang onto everything and have no real organization in their home. They always blamed my brother and I, and mom points the finger at dad too, but everyone is responsible. I need to cut down the clutter, I need to make it a daily habit to clean, I need to get on top of it before mess is on top of me!
My plan is deep cleaning:
Thursday-R’s room
Friday-living room
Weekends- as needed

My last bit of inspiration is the most fun. I am inspired to quilt again. It’s been a few months since I have worked on a project. I need to call that woman about joining the quilters guild still (I am a little nervous about it, but I will suck it up!) My old bedroom is being converted into my moms sewing room (once she finishes cleaning it out and sorting through her stuff and my brothers junk that’s been tossed in there) which is the room R and I stayed in. I read a bunch of her quilters magazines and took a few home with me. I picked out a pattern for R’s “big girl bed” quilt and hopefully will be able to do window treatments to match, I just need to sit down and plan it all out (and save up some tip money!)

I hope you all keep me accountable for this!

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