Sunday, February 24, 2008


For those inspired resolutions…I have yet to keep one so far, but that’s not for lack of desire, just lack of energy and to quote my dad “oomph.” It seams like nothing’s going my way right now. Not to say that things are bad, just that they are a bit overwhelming.

I am transferring to the other store in town, and have very mixed feelings about it. I guess most of them are because I am nervous and worried I won’t fit in, or they won’t like me but I know that’s silly. As long as I am myself I will form friendships. The whole ordeal with my transfer was so screwy. One week I am going, the next I am not, now I am again…but I am not on the schedule. I don’t want to put out my negative vibes into the air because I am trying so hard to think about the positives but there are a few things that are bothering me. First, the new manager hasn’t talked to me, no one asked if I wanted this, and when she came into our store yesterday she said nothing about having me come over or anything…I did go up to her and said I was excited to join…white lie but along the right lines. She also hasn’t told any of the shifts at her store that I am coming so when I went in and introduced myself they were all surprised. Talk about awkward but I am glad I did it so I don‘t just come in and start rocking my thing and have them all wondering who I think I am.

A’s mom came by today. I hate that she comes by unannounced and always on the days where I have the place in a mess and haven’t showered and am pooped. Well she painted R a bookcase and oh I hate the way she did it. I was hoping for just a plain strait bold painting, she did this terrible uneven texture attempt. I will keep it the way it is for now and when we move I might redo it and say that the movers chipped the paint or something. I have been trying to play nice with her even though I think she’s a less then wonderful person. I invited her to go fabric shopping with me sometime in a few weeks (when I get the patience and what not to be around her) for a quilt for R’s big girl bed that we will be converting her crib into soon and she offered to get the fabric. I wonder what strings will be attached, hopefully nothing more than seeing the quilt once it’s done. Now the question is will any of the three fabric stores (including JoAnn’s and Ben Franklins) have the perfect fabric? I need to find one first and then work off of that. I wish we had more stores and I wish I had found the pattern when I was out with my parents and had spending cash for the fabric because they have so many great fabric stores out there and I know I’d find the perfect one out there!

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