Wednesday, February 20, 2008

back to reality

I think I will separate all my thoughts into two different posts, so bear with me here. I just got back from a trip with R out to see my parents. It was much needed to get away, forget about the daily grind. I was hoping it would be more relaxing than it was but I realize I had semi-unrealistic expectations. My dad is a night owl and mom’s an early bird and I thought between the two of them and my brother I’d get naps and sleep…fat chances!

Traveling with a young one is challenging. Especially when by yourself. When we got to SeaTac R threw a huge fit in baggage claim because she wanted to go exploring and stretch her legs but didn’t want to hold my hand. She threw a huge fit and ended up lying on the floor. I was beat red and a mom came up with her little girl and watched R throwing it and asked her something along the lines of “isn’t that silly?” I guess they had one earlier. That kind woman watched my bags while R and I took a little walk but she had to go soon too. She was not happy when we left too but it was better. Thank heavens we found a little boy going on our flight with us so she could play with him while we were delayed 45 min. Other than that she was great!

R is very generous with hugs and kisses. My brother and mom were showered with loves from the get go. My dad, oh poor dad, didn’t get any until the last night we were there when the two of them were alone for a while while us big girls made dinner. No one believed him when he first told us! My guess is that she didn’t like his beard. My parents decided they wanted to be “Grandma” and “Grandpa” but R had a hard time saying that, while trying she came up with “Nana” and “Papa” (I call my mom’s parents “Nana” and “Pop-Pop” so it is nice to carry on that tradition!) She was great! We chased after duckies and said hi to almost everyone. I am going to have to work with her on boundaries and who is ok to talk to and who is a stranger and scary. Any ideas are more than welcome!

It’s nice to be home though, but I am not looking forward to all the housework and daily grind that I am not back to, but that’s how life is right? Tomorrow I tackle the kitchen!

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