Thursday, February 14, 2008

small rants

I was reading a dear Prudence letter today, and something struck me that wasn’t the issue of the letter. In it, the woman was commenting on how many people make her feel bad for not breast-feeding. A while back in my first blog, I talked about my struggles with R and feeding her, so I felt a connection (we only made it 6 months). The sentence that got my to change my empathy was: “I have been yelled at by strangers when they see a bottle in my son's car seat.” Okay, so I would never yell at a mother, but seriously? You make your 11 week old child hold their own bottle? Prudence never addressed the point, but the reason I would give a dirty look is because at that young age the child needs to be held, cuddled, and feedings are the perfect time to bond and talk, coo, cuddle and look at one another whether with a bottle or the breast.

Tomorrow is the day we go on a flight, just R and I. I am thrilled. We are packed and ready to go! I have our outfits picked out and laid out. The only thing I haven’t done is clean. Mostly because A hasn’t cleaned his room yet (the kitchen is his this time) and I did the living room yesterday (it’s a mess already! How does he do it? It was a mess before I came home from work and he was still in bed!) I am going to get to the bedroom tonight for sure, it’s not too messy, just disorganized and tomorrow will be R’s room…I just wish we could keep this place cleaner. It’s something I am definitely working on right now.

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