Sunday, February 03, 2008

R, work, and Home

Today, R got up about the same time A was getting ready for work. When she saw him getting dressed after his shower, she came to me and pointed to her clothes, so we got dressed too. Then she went up to the door to go outside with him. "you can't go outside! you don't even have shoes on" A told her. So what does my smart little cookie do? she grabs her shoes and comes back into her bedroom where I am tidying up and has me put her shoes on. A little bit latter as A is finally going, R takes his hand in hers and stands there with him ready to go. "Too cold" A tells her, so she goes to the hamper and pulls out her sweater and spends about 4 minutes trying to get it on. I was able to distract her with making breakfast so A could sneek out the door, but oh my heart!

YEsterday I found an envelope at work addressed to me with my RM's handwriting on it. She sent me a card with a wonderful note about how welcoming I am and how well I have handled our "customer voice" invitations (those things that you get to go online and give feedback...we only do one on fifty people or so unlike Target where everyone gets one) Our store has the highest feedback rate of any in the reagon...some of the coments have been wonderful, others we can't do much about, usually about the parking lot. She also sent me a gift card to the store. It means a lot to me for her to call out my strengths and acknowledge that she saw them. She's only in the store a few times a quarter. It inspires me to keep at it. Sometimes I feel like I am just a glorified human coffee machine

I need to be cleaning, I just can't get this place organized. A hasn't been helping with that either, but I knew that about him from teh get go. I keep finding other thigns to go, like read a book, bake a ham, (oh the kitchen is NASTY!) and blog but I just can't get myself to clean. You'd think being cooped up inside with how cold it is would motivate me because I am stuck stairing at the mess but nope, just makes me want to curl up with a blanket and veg out! Anyone have any inspiration for me?

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