Sunday, May 04, 2008

nothign new

We will get to see my family in one month! I am so ready! I need to get out of this town, I need some time off of work, and I want to see my extended family and get some pictures of everyone before they get too old (grandparents) and before R grows up. I can’t believe she’s almost two! I have already set aside a few things I would like to pack for R and have been thinking about what I would like myself. A and I have agreed that we will save my tip money until we go for the trip’s spending monies, and most likely gas money. We are planning the drive, and working out our game plans etc. Oh I am so excited! (and I still have a month to go!!)

I finished the top of R’s quilt. I have a lot of reflection about it and have learned a lot through it. I will journal about it in my quilt scrapbook too, but I will go more in depth here since this is where I really try to express who I am. To begin with, I learned I need to be more patient. I rushed through piecing the quilt and did not make perfect points, I didn’t get everything to line up and I have a lot of mistakes with my stitching. I think I did this mostly because I didn’t like the fabric and was rushing through it to move onto a quilt I like the fabrics for better. Another lesson learned is that I shouldn’t be bullied into fabric I don’t love. The fabrics and the quilt look too mature for a toddler. They make me think more of a 50 year old woman (even older than my mother makes me think!) It’s dark fabric, and a fun pattern but not in these colors. I will have to make R another quilt either for her toddler bed or start in on a twin size for her. So to recap: I should trust my gut with fabrics, I should not go shopping for them with A’s mom, and I need to slow down and enjoy the process and be more careful, at least until I have stronger quilting skills. I need to layer and quilt the piece as well as bind it, but I am almost done!!

We went to a parade on Friday with my friend from work, and then today we went to the Kite Festival, it’s been a busy weekend for us, and the house is mostly clean. Just cluttered and untidy, not messy! HORRAY! I am off to watch some TV before bed now, and hopefully A will be home from the store soon so I can print some things off (more quilt patterns and some work stuff) if I crash before he gets home, I have tomorrow off too but I have some things I would like to do!

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