Tuesday, May 06, 2008

my daredevil

I have quite the little dare devil on my hands. Except she is hesitant in most areas…R is definitely a silly girl. Today we went to the park, and while she wanted us to hold her hand each time she moved from one level to the next (think steps, not big differences) and wouldn’t jump like the other kids off a little ledge thing, she went down the slides with the greatest of ease. I kept telling A that the slide was too big for her, that we’d scare her, but he insisted she’d be fine if I caught her. He was right. She went down the first big tube one giggling, over and over. Then she saw another bigger tube one and was half way in the tube to go down before A and I were in position. She loved it! My little daredevil!

I just made the worst pot of coffee ever. I am trying to drink a cup and can’t figure out what went wrong. I know what you are thinking, I am a Barista at one of the most competitive coffee companies, how can I make bad coffee? Work and home are different. I know the measurements for the coffee at work, I have no idea what to do in my own coffee pot. Plus I don’t even like coffee…I just wanted something warm, aromatic, and am sick of my tea collection. I guess I should have had oatmeal =)

I need to get to work on the house, but it’s getting late. The one problem with being a hands on mom, I never have time to clean during the day and am too tired at night. I hope A will take R out this week sometime and I can have some alone time with the house, and maybe my pillow! I hopefully will have three days off next week AND will only be scheduled about 30 hours, so I can take my personal day. That will be nice!

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