Sunday, May 18, 2008


With a possible move on the horizon, we are talking about buying a house instead of renting. We are realistic about what we can afford and are probably going to look into either a townhouse just to get our feet wet, or something that we can put some sweat equity into. We have some inheritance money that we will use for a down payment, and we won’t want to pay more than what we do in rent (or just a little more) and I have been looking for a tool to use to find out how much house that means we can buy. All I see are the ones you enter your income, or you enter the mortgage amount you want. I need to go the other direction. I guess we can go to the bank and talk about this and figure it out, but we are not quite there. I would like to have a 15 year mortgage but 30 is more realistic for us I think. I just want to pay more principal than interest!

My old landlord came into work today, twice. He has a new job and is moving to Bozeman. He kicked us out of our apartment because he lost his house. He asked about our new place and I said we might be moving again, hopefully. He said “oh no, what happened?” and I explained that we are hopefully getting out of this town, and we are in a place where we might buy, and he said to call him he has some friends in the town we are hoping to get to that are realtors. As much as I think he’s a jerky man for making us homeless for 3 weeks and kicking us out of our home just before Christmas, I will give his friends a shot. We will need someone who is patient and willing to take their time with us and guide us through the process.

I have not been feeling well the past few days. Just exhausted and nauseous, and have had several migraines. I know you might be thinking “pregnant?” nope. On BC and poor A, I’ve been so worn out that we haven’t practiced making a baby in over a month, so that’s not possible. The side effects of me feeling ickie and being tired is that the house is a mess!!!! I should be cleaning right now, but I am sitting down, with my legs pressed up against my tummy and typing which doesn’t involve movement of the core or my head. I hope I feel better tomorrow, or Tuesday which I have off so I can get some cleaning done. Before I felt ickie I got the laundry caught up and folded and the kitchen is sparkling, but the rest of the place is MESSY!! Maybe one of my friends will take Regina and I can sleep and clean. She loves those play dates!

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