Friday, May 16, 2008

headachs of many kinds

Lately I have been imagining moving, and getting out of this town. When I mention that to friends and co-workers, they always ask “what about A?” “will he go with you?” Well, duh! What really gets me is that if it were him that were going for the promotion and transfer everyone would just assume I was on board. Everyone would be asking when we will know, what I am looking forward to and what not, not if I was going with him. Why is it that since the woman in the house is going for it people assume I am trying to get away from him instead of just better both our lives? Just an interesting observation.

I am sick of my migraines, and I have them almost every day I am not working. It must be my exhaustion and what not and since I can’t have them when I work, they know this and haunt me when I have [plans to clean and cook and do things around the house. Since no one is really affected by whether or not I do those things at home, but they sure are affected if I were to try and call in sick. I am sick of it though!!!

I was planning on going to the craft store and buying some buttons to finish R’s quilt, but it’s hot outside. A and I are going to run errands tomorrow, maybe I can sneak that one in as one too, or maybe I will hit it up on my way home from work tomorrow. We will have to see. We are getting the car fixed next week I hope, if not then we are cutting it close to our departure day, but we will get it taken care of for sure. I just have to wait for that to happen to pay bills because the car is our number one priority, followed second by rent.

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