Saturday, May 17, 2008


A and I have had a long standing debate about where to raise our kids, I want to go back to the Seattle area to be near my parents and he is worried they will be like his mom and come by whenever they want (which is not how I was raised, and they have their own busy lives, it would just be nice to have them close enough to help out when we would like to get away like my grandparents did, but not too close they know what we do at all hours.) Today I found this article:
The Top of the Class
The complete list of the 1,300 top U.S. high schools
Newsweek Web Exclusive
(can be found at )
These are the schools near where my parents live and where I went to high school, though I went to private school, and this article only addressed public schools.
10 International School Bellevue Wash.
31 Newport Bellevue Wash.
45 Interlake Bellevue Wash.
62 Bellevue Bellevue Wash.
163 Sammamish Bellevue Wash.
1152 Issaquah Issaquah Wash.
These schools are all of what’s in Montana, neither of these towns are near me.
602 Stevensville Stevensville Mont.
606 Bozeman Bozeman Mont. 1.845
I have been arguing that my education was more challenging, more encompassing and more diverse than what A got here in this town, and I still stand firm, with a little bit of evidence. If we don’t move out to the places I want to live I will have to figure out a way to supplement R’s education and enhance it. I want my child to be worldly, accepting, and understanding of herself and others.

I am going to start looking into preschool for R when we figure out where we will be. I can't belive it's begining already!

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