Friday, November 05, 2010

hey hey the gangs all here!

I am finally showing off all my wins! I got the most recent a couple days ago and the UPS man scared the bejebers out of me! I was singing and dancing around with the girls, the door was open since we made something stinky for dinner (I think it was french onion soup and I had a roast of some sort in the crock pot and the combo of flavors was overwhelming) and he went *ahem* oh here's what I won in the fall into fall blog hop:
This was the last arrival. a charm pack, and a jelly roll of Moda's Sent With Love line. I have a few ideas for either jelly roll, OR charm pack, does anyone have a great pattern or link to a quilt made with one of each? I don't mind going out and getting a yard or two to make something too, but I have no ideas! This was a second prize added by if she got 200 followers, and when she said she did and she was throwing everyone from the fall into fall give away into the pot I posted "oh oh me me I WANT this" (or something along those lines) and she sent an e-mail saying I won...then moments later another saying "hahah! I just read your comment on the other post (about the second prize!) too funny!

I saw someone (I am sorry I forget who it was Marsha?) made this already, you might need to send me a tip or two. The directions look easy enough but I don't like "new" to me. How else am I going to learn. This is Scrabble Jack, and his teeth are to say "happy fall y'all" it's made by Happy Hollow Designs and they have a ton of other cute things, so if this works out well, you know I'll be asking Santa for another project or two. I saw a Santa I want to bring home with me.

This was a MAJOR score of a win.
I got two books, (Beyond the Log Cabin and the Cats Meow)
A few quilt patterns (I think three)
Two things of Connecting Thread's Essentials (if you have not tried it and can't afford Auriful, give this a shot, it's AWESOME! also I had a great experience when I bought from them ages ago.)
A thingey to hand up pictures in a window or any other glass surface (my broken 60" TV perhaps?)
a men's t-shirt to make a cute quilt with their patterns...I have to find that again, I will practice with this one
AND eight cute half circle napkins folded to look like a Christmas Tree. R LOVES those!

That same give-away I won these too, but I don't think I will be using them. After the hair pulling experience when R's Halloween costume this year I am not going to follow any of McCall's patterns any time soon! And I love the colors of the threads, but my machine can't handle Coats and Clark. Strange eh?

(this will be passed along in a give-away soon, I just have to figure out how to make it better!)

The last thing she had I am debating keeping to try, but again I HATE these type of patterns (give am a quilt pattern any day though) but these look easy, and winter is right around the corner but you'd never guess it from the temps right now! I will make a decision latter!

Lastly, this came in the mail for me. I was part of a team of test quilters for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks by today's top quilt designers VOL 2! My name is even in the book on page three or four. They sent me this mug as a thank you! How cool!!!
well, I think I bragged enough for one day. Soon I'll show the blocks I am FINALLY making for the rest of you guys.


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Wow! You really hit the jackpot, didn't you? Great gifts, especially the fabric and books. I have the cat pattern book. Love the mug! How did you get on the team of test quilters? Sounds great!

seventhsister26 said...

I think you must have a fast forward on your calender...because it looks like a quilter's Christmas at your house!!! What fun;)
My machine can't handle coats & clark either.
It's a good thing the UPS man didn't pull that at my house....I've got a loaded shotgun by my sewing area!!!! LOL;) Of course, I don't have kids in the house, so it's okay;)

Jelly Rolls are fun;) If you type it into your search bar, there are ton's of ideas out there, some easier than others;)
Have fun, and Happy Quilting!!

Katie said...

I'm so jealous! You got such great stuff! Congratulations! Check out the modabakeshop (.com) for ideas on how to use their precuts. Lots of cute ideas there, and free too. Scrabble Jack is really cute and if you read the directions carefully, I'm sure you'll be okay! (But it wasn't me that made it.) As for the thread - I've seen a number of quilters turn their noses up at Coats and Clark threads, calling it "cheap, crappy thread". I know my mom's machine doesn't do well with it, but mine is just fine (hers a Pfaff, mine a Brother), so I know it's more than just being snooty. (To be fair, mine won't tolerate big cones of thread and throws a snarley, whiney hissy fit if I try to use it.) But if you put it in a giveaway, I'd be happy to try to win it! And I understand your trouble with "real" patterns...I can sew straight lines just fine, but when you start throwing in legs and arms...look out!

Joanne Lendaro said...

HOW VERY COOL!!!!!! What a great time you have had with the mail!! Congrats on all of the wins!!

Beth said...

Great wins!! You sure have a lot to work on. I am not sure about Marsha, but I did the Scrabble Jack project. It is easy and fun.
Did you get the fusible grid with the pattern? When you are ready to do it. email me and I'll get you the information that was given in the class at the shop.

---"Love" said...

My goodness! What hauls you have made! I'm happy for you, and will be watching for what you make with all the winnings! ---"Love"

Marsha said...

Wow, you were so lucky to win all of that, how exciting! Maybe you should have bought a lotto ticket during that time, too! All the fabric, patterns and goodies are great. I love the Scrabble Jack pattern, but have not purchased it yet. It looks interesting made using the grid. I'll be looking forward to you trying it and letting us know how it works. Enjoy all your fun stuff!

Barb said...

What fun wins....lucky you!!! Enjoy!

teresamnj said...

Holy cow Lisa, you did score!!! I love the Scrabble Jack. He is so cute!

a good yarn said...

How marvellous to receive all these fantastic goodies! Enjoy them! Ann :-)

Barb said...

My goodness you did hit the mother load of giveaways...lucky you!!