Monday, November 29, 2010

one thing one week!

Katie inspired me to go ahead a join the One thing One Week challenge this go around. And I DID IT!!! I told myself I wanted to finish the top of A's quilt. I did! And I even had the foresight when I first cut into the Simpson's fabrics to cut a bunch of extra pieces that will go the same way so none of the fabric in the borders or even the top goes in other direction besides up and down. I did a very thin black border around everything and then the Simpson's stuff, and it will be finished off with black binding so I didn't think I needed another back border but if I change my mind I have some cut, measured, and ready to go know just in case. But I will gladly call it "done".

(and thats all I told myself I would do, I told him he wouldnt get a finished product but he would get the top. I dont know how I want to quilt it since it's serioulsy jumbo size I am thinking tie quilting but part of me thinks stitch in the ditch would be better for hard wear and tear. Opinions?)

now if only I could get a picture. Any guesses what I am asking Santa for? A camera, maybe with a backup one too? What is with me and Cameras? Three in four years!!!!

For those of you who didn't hear all about it when I had a camera, I made A a flannel quilt with this wild "where's Bart" Simpson's fabric and alternated that with nine patches, 5 black 4 assorted bright's got 32 Simpson's blocks 9 inches each and 31 9 patches also 9 inches finished, then a 2 inch black border and a 5 inch print border. I had a hard time getting it together until it clicked together perfectly. I think I was over-thinking everything!!


Katie said...

Good for you! I think tying would be okay. I have a quilt that was tied and gets used a lot. The ties are still in place, but the fabric is wearing away! It's at least 10 years old, too.

lindsay said...

congrats on your finish!! my husband wants a spiderman quilt, so I am not even going to tell him that there is simpsons fabrics out there too!!

Sandy said...

I don't know how you find the time to sew -- but good for you! I have never tied a quilt, but I think for this particular quilt tying would be appropriate.


Joanne Lendaro said...

I'm hoping you get a camera for Christmas!! Love to see all of the pictures to go with your post!

Beth said...

Tying would be fine, just make sure you tie close enough (whatever the batting directions say). I would use perle cotton because it is heavier and will stand up to lots of use.