Friday, November 19, 2010

nov FNSI

this FNSI was a success. I wish I could show pics to prove myself but you are stuck with my word here.

First I got the man to vaccuum the living room for me (so I cleaned it up except my desk first)
Then I made teh girls food and got 1/2 of them down at a decent time,'
The second one I bribed with movies and marshmellows. (great parenting eh? once a month won't kill us)

Then I got to sewing.

I made:
37 one-seam flying geese. (I can get 18 per fat quarter. I cut four FQ's a a time and a bunch of the brown squares and I did two full FQ's worth plus one that I had left over from my last cutting session)
17 -9 patches for A's Simpson's quilt that I forget why I set it aside but am making blocks like mad...again the only thing that stopped me was needing to cut more of the black fabric (11 more to go then I can match them all up with the 32 blocks of Simpson's fabric!! I Think this might be a Christmas present)

R got a little sewing time in too with her quilt we are working on together. She's using my only two 1920's reproduction fat quarters but they had "puppies and flowers" so whatever...she's using a 5/8 seam because it's easier to see on the foot I use and is doing an OK job. I help guide the fabric while she uses the pedal, does most the fabric guiding (I just correct when it gets bad) and pulls the pins I put in out. So cute! I will have to get a camera to show you her work.

So not a ton done, but so much fun anyways. Imagine if I could have started earlier....or if I had cut more in advance because it's either the ironing board on my table or the cutting mat and I chose ironing board.


seventhsister26 said...

I think it's great that you are letting R sew. Too many people don't have the patience to pass down the craft;) Looking forward to pictures;)
Happy Quilting!!

Katie said...

That's more than I got done last night! Those FNSIs always sneak up on me, but it seems even when I do know, other things come first. But I have all day today to do what I want...and where am I? :)

Beth said...

Sounds like a lot of progress to me! I love those flying geese. I watched the video and it might finally be the answer to my problem with flying geese. I have tried every method and I still end up with lots of headless geese. LOL

Sandy said...

Hi Lisa, well over a year ago now you posted a link to the 'no waste flying geese' site, but the one seam flying geese tutorial is even better. Thanks!

I love reading stories about your two sweet girls.

Keep up the good work.


Joanne Lendaro said...

At this point in your life (with little people and work and all) if you can squeeze 10 minutes with the machine you are doing great!! Happy that you did get some time, and great that you let the little one play too! Got my package, thank you, LOVE the bright colors! I'll be posting about it soon!! Hugs, kiddo, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!