Sunday, November 14, 2010

two quick questions

well I can't find a pattern for both a jelly roll and a charm pack in one quilt, but I did find TWO jelly roll quilts I want to do off the Moda Bake help me pick one now, and one for another time. Remember I am using Sent With Love and white, so which is better?

Sweet Menagerie
Avignon Picnic

Ages ago I got a fat quarter bundle of Jennifer Paganelli's "Poodle" and I am going to make a quilt using the one seam flying geese Ricky Tims demonstrated recently. I was thinking of doing grey first, but am leaning towards a deep rich solid brown. What do you think?


seventhsister26 said...

I like the Avignon Picnic...I think it would be great with the jelly roll you have...and it looks super easy!!
And those one seam flying mouth was drooling while I was watching cool!!! Whichever you choose for that pattern will be fun;)
Happy Quilting!!

a good yarn said...

Well I was all set to cheer for the Australian designer but Avignon gets my vote. One seam flying geese are a revelation! I'd tend to be safe with the grey but a really good brown will look amazing! Ann :-)

Katie said...

I think for your fabrics, I like Sweet Menagerie better. But both would look great. As for the grey vs. brown battle, I would take the fabrics to the store and pull a grey bolt and a brown bolt and lay them down with your fabrics and see what you think. I can't decide!

Beth said...

Love that flying geese technique! I think the warm brown would look good with your fabrics. Just audition both colors and see what you like.
Do the picnic one now. They are both pretty quilts.
Don't you love the bake shop?