Wednesday, November 17, 2010

projects...and a request

hey there. I have a cute little post about H's baptism and the family's visit, but that will have to wait for now. I am having technical difficulties again. I think I just want a new computer =) I think I Am going to ask a friend to come over later this week and see if he can look at it and fix things, but I am not sure at this point. I wish I knew more about computers but it has never held an interest for me. much like I wish I could draw but I am thrilled I can quilt.

So first things first, I was working on a quilt from ages ago again and almost have all my blocks done. If I have to I can say I DO have all my blocks done, but what I am looking for, if any of you have it is six more 2 1/2" squares of Sandy Gervais Candy Kisses fabric in red. I used three of the reds from the line, candy kisses on red, the heart flower trails in both the large print with pink hearts and the small print with red/pink hearts, but I would be thrilled with any of the reds. I looked online and after search page 6 coming up with one print per store that had it and many that said "sorry this item is no longer in stock" I threw in the towel, thought I'd ask here first, then maybe check out eBay or do another search when I am feeling more patient. Please spread the word, if you have it I will reward you with something from my stash...depending on what you like. Worst case scenario I finish the quilt with what I have and I probably will be the only one who knows that it's unbalanced. See my controlling side?

OH, exciting news, I have all the APQ swap blocks done (ok I need to write on them still but they are DONE) and I just need to wait for my next payday to make it to the post office and get them out, FINALLY!

and I chose an awesome deep chocolate brown that's totally solid, no little hint of anything and it's looking sharp. I couldn't find a deep rich grey, or one that wasn't soft, light, like a sidewalk pavement color, and I wanted crisp to come to mind when you saw the wild prints against the background. I am thrilled with the brown I found, and I only bought 2 1/2 yards but I plan to go back and get more if needed, they had three bolts at the Ben Franklin that I can walk to from home.

I am sorry there are no pics, it would have helped a lot. But camera's acting funny and computers acting so strange. And I am too tired to fight with either today.

Katie recommended I give a link to the ones I am looking for, what my descriptions aren't good enough (just kidding, I thought it was a great idea) so I found the line on moda's site, and have the names of the three I used. Any of the "lipstick" would be fine and dandy, but I used :

17408 11Tossed Hearts Lipstick

17411 11*Trailing Hearts Lipstick

17416 11*Candy Kisses Lipstick


Katie said...

I think my sis-in-law bought a bunch of those fabrics a while back. Can you post a link to the exact fabric you're looking for and I'll check with her? (Seems "Candy Kisses" is the line and I want to be sure I get the right fabric!)

Beth said...

We didn't get this line in the store and I don't remember seeing it. I will keep my eyes open for any.