Thursday, December 30, 2010

the (mostly) true story of Christmas 2010

I am sure many of you saw Rachel of p.s. i quilt is having a little giveaway with Fat Quarter Shop, and as lucky as I've been lately I should let someone else have the luck, but I resisted all of a day and a half but I want some fabrics they have and I can't resisit any longer.

First things first, APQ bloggers, I finished the last of the blocks tonight (as part of my "new years eve finish it up" fun) I can't find my sharpie so when we go out tomorrow I will get a new one. I also want to include a little piece of Montana for y'all so I will be mailing next week! WAHOO! I hate that it's this late but I am SO GLAD to cross those off my list!

k, so I need to tell you a story about Christmas and how some packages fell off Santa's sleigh. at least from my experiences Christmas Day

Well, it started Christmas eve. I took the girls to "midnight mass" at 10 pm. They were SO WELL behaved, I was shocked. I brought some coloring things, barbie, a baby doll and three wood puzzles. The puzzles were the main entertainer, they even got the older lady next to us to play with them. We came home, I used the Night Before Christmas that my Nana (who passed away last Feb) and Pop-Pop recorded for them and off to bed they went. Then I baked cookies...until 1 am. Then I crashed!

I woke up Christmas morning, and got ready for work. I Was only scheduled 17 hours that week so when the other store called to say they needed someone to help out Christmas day I jumped at it (my store was closed!) and I worked 9-3:30. Oh! when I left there were no presents. Still none when I got home, but we found a note from Santa on the cookie tray we have that said:

There were no cookies that I could see

So I left you no presents under the tree.

Now don't you worry. Don't you fret!

I'll be back with presents for you yet!

we went out to A's mom's house (I was told by one of my co-workers that I am a saint for dealing with her so gracefully this year! She hates me!) I gave her a picture of the girls sitting at her parents headstone smiling from Memorial Day that I blew up onto canvas thanks to Costco, and I gave her sister a Bead For Life necklace and two mug rugs that I made at the last minute (I did the binding backside at the church saving everyone seats for mass!) and her daughter Duplo Lego's and a memory game.

I came home, and we DID leave cookies out this time and when they dropped me off to take care of the ham (htey were driving around looking at lights but the ham had to be glazed and was almost done so they let me out of the car and then they finished the rounds), there were the presents, and the stockings filled! We came home, ate dinner and opened presents. Santa did well for A, R, and H.

Let me pause and tell you a little H story. So she got her stocking, and there was a bag of Goldfish Crackers. That was the end of her Christmas. She proudly carried that bag all around the house, and finally about 30 minutes later got A to open it for her, and she sat and ate them one at a time until she lost interest. No cares about the rest of the presents, so R opened them for her.

k, back to the story. However, under the tree there was not much for me. There was stuff I bought myself, an IOU from A and something R made at school, but nothing from Santa. I thought I must have been naughty, but I thought I was a good least this last month or two!

After the girls went to bed I was on facebook and saw this from my brother:

B: Santa got into the liquor that the parents left on the coffee table...
December 25 at 12:45pm

so of course I called home. Apparently, according to my dad, Santa saw my moms collection of Rum (I think...I don't remember what all she has any more, I only visit twice a year!) on the clock table which is where she keeps the nativity set that Santa always has to put Baby Jesus in when he visits, and helped himself. He left a note there saying something along the lines of "thanks for the special treat! Most people leave out cookies and milk but Santa appreciates a little nip here and there, especially on such a cold night!" Mom said he had more than "just a little nip"

Well that makes sense! Since they are an hour behind us, he left the note here, then there, and since our presents were still on the sleigh, and he was a little tipsy, when Rachel said some presents had fallen off, mine must have been some of those! Hopefully Rachel and FQS can help replenish what should have been mine! Have any of you who live west of Montana (or Washington since that's where he was drinking) seen packages with my name on them?


rachel griffith said...

ho! ho! ho!
you've been entered.

Beth said...

Oh I hope someone finds those packages that Santa dropped. I am sure they had your name on them.
Good luck.
Happy New Year.

seventhsister26 said...

That's funny;)
Happy Quilting!!

Sandy said...

Hi Lisa. You will need to add 'writer' to your list of accomplishments. Very funny!


Marsha said...

I loved your story, that was great! Hope someone finds those packages and get them right to you! Good luck with the giveaway, don't feel bad about winning, that's great! Congrats on your finishes, too, now on to new projects in 2011! Enjoy!

---"Love" said...

Cute post!
Happy New Year! ---"Love"