Friday, December 03, 2010

10 totaly random thoughts!

sorry for all the posts lately. I opened on Monday, off at 1:30pm, then had Tues, and Weds off, closed yesterday (and didn't have to be in until 2:30! usually for a close you have to be there at 1) and have today off. I open the next three or four days so I am enjoying this and knowing it's not common. The girls are behaving much better than normal, a wonder what a semi-structured morning can do for the evening! I really wanted to share some random kiddo/life thoughts for you....very very random, but so fun

1) R went outside to play in the snow but left her snow pants at school on Weds, so today she put on leggings, then sweatpants, boots, a tank top and her coat, then gloves and two hats. Gotta love four. So she's been outside for a while and I don't hear anything. I poke my head out and see her, try to run away before she sees me since it looks like she's having fun, but nope I am caught. She said "mommy, puppy is getting cold, can we come inside please" puppy's getting cold huh? mind you this is a stuffed puppy. So sure. come on inside, take your wet things off, puppy gets a hand towel and R gets the afghan Nana made me oh 10 years ago or so. (I asked for if for Christmas one year from her, and got it the following one and she was so touched that she made every grandchild one, then had to give up big projects because they were too much for her) but it has "holes" so R needs "hot tea" aka hot cocoa. I made it and have snowman marshmallows I bought by accident, a candy cane from the tree AND green sugar sprinkles. Sometimes I can pull a supermom move out!

2) the little song from the Lego Duplo's commercial chokes me up EVERY TIME!! (both girls love the legos and I am not ready for the little ones in the house yet even though I think R would like them)

3) speaking of being choked up, did anyone watch the CBS (I think) Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie special presentation, it was November Christmas this past weekend, I was crying my eyes out! and not only during the movie, because it was the Hallmark special they only showed Hallmark commercials....I balled my eyes out for all those too! I slept well that night (and highly recommend the movie if you can see it!)

4) one of my regulars got two elks and a deer this hunting season, and gave me some elk steaks and ground venison, and sausage of some sort. The city girl in my is a little weired-ed out by the thought of eating deer and elk, the money savvy mom in me is so grateful for free meat! (I have to write a thank you card....)

5) have I ever won a give-away from you? I most likely sent you a thank you card! I know I lost a few addresses here and there but I think I've sent most of them. If you did not get one, I am sorry I am so thankful for your generosity and kindness, most the time people include a card with such kind words! Quilters are GREAT!

6) apparently my small tweek in Nana's Peanut Blossom recipe was a huge hit. A ate 12 plus the night I made them, and after taking 2 dozen out to mail to my brother and his girlfriend and her cousin (who is about to have her first baby, lost her parents a year ago, and is the first in her generation in her family AND her group of friends to have a baby, so I am sending her a little care package) they are all gone now, and I made a double batch!

7) R just said "mommy, this is really good tea" while finishing off her hot cocoa!

8) H is almost really a walker she walks for a while until she realises it and then sits and cawls, and she won't walk to you unless you have somethign she wants and she's standing in the first place. Usually a baby doll or food.

9) it's time to get R re-dressed and ready for school, she loves school and her favorite part is Chapel, and her best friend is T, who is almost as bossy as she is!

10) when R goes to school, it will be H's nap time so I will be sewing!! I SHOULD fold laundry but I am going to sew!


Katie said...

Great stuff! The stories of your kids make me smile and laugh. I love their perspective when they're so young. I often find myself learning from their observations.

Now go sew! A day off is reason to skip laundry and start sewing! (I won't remind you it will be there when you're done...oops...I just did!)

Marsha said...

I love the stories about your girls. My kids are all grown up and I miss the innocense of the little ones. Enjoy them, they grow so fast.

Sandy said...

The Hallmark Hall of Fame movie was very heartwarming. (I almost can't watch the commercials.) Your girls sound delightful. I love the stories.


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I, too, love the stories about your girls! They are so sweet! Enjoy them now - the time passes so fast! I haven't seen the Lego commercial, but there is a really cute commercial for something (maybe a cable company?) that has a girl & a boy with the background music "I only have eyes for you" (50's song) that is darling. I started watching the movie, but then it was my bed time and I HAD to go to bed. We go to bed at 9:00 and can't break the habit. Hee Hee! Maybe they will rerun it earlier.

Beth said...

I always love to hear about the girkls too. Mine are all grown up and I miss those silly, sweet things that happen when they are little.
Sew while you can.

seventhsister26 said...

It's great that you have had the opprotunity to slow down a bit and enjoy a part-vacation from work. The stories of your girls are great;)
Happy Quilting!!

Inch Worm Fabrics said...

Sounds like you enjoy the kiddos. They grow up so fast and then you get to enjoy the grandkids. I just love it.