Saturday, June 26, 2010

no workign camera, and attempts to potty train

I may have mentioned this, but my camera's not well! I think Hazel "ate" it and did something to the screen. I can still take pictures but I can't see anything so 98% of the shots I have tried to take are blurry. Seriously how did people do it in the age before digital? I am going to go buy a disposable for my trip to my family and get everything on CD so I can store it (and share it with you) but in the meantime, I am sorry!

I don't think I have told you this either, but I have been SO GOOD about keeping up with photo albums thus far in the girls lives. I am sure one day I will say I failed to keep up but at the moment, not only do I have every picture (up until R's birthday) printed, in an album, and I get the albums that have two pics/page with a little space to write something...yuppers there's a story near every picture. True some stories are "oh silly girl" or "another fun bath" but still. Just FYI, Costco, when you print 500+ pictures the price drops by two cents a print (I think to $0.09 instead of $0.11) I tend to go several months, buy 1-2 cute photo albums, print oodles of pictures and take an afternoon to put them in and write, usually while watching chick flicks and make it something special for me instead of a task to do.

Totally unrelated, potty training. Regina will be in preschool in Aug, so she has to be at least well on the path by then. Someone told me that they had their son nakie bum for a week and he was mostly trained. la te da, I go home and give it a shot when I have three days off in a row. Wow, she's not left any accidents all over the house, she sits on the potty, tinkles here and there, no poops but whatever we are making I think! Turns out she would go, put a diaper (pull up) on when I wasn't looking, do her stuff, and hide the diaper in her closet under her hamper. HAHAHAHA!!! I told my friend this and she said "well, at least she knows when she has to go..." and I said "the best part of this is I can tell this story at her wedding!" I know she will do it in her own time and I can encourage and motivate but I can't force.

H on the other end is not quite strong enough to walk, but her new favorite game is to stand up, find her balance, have you let go and fall (but you catch her before she falls) you should hear the giggles from that one.

I have been sewing like a maniac, but nothing to show for it! How does that happen? Eh, one day it will all come together and I can brag and boast about my stuff!!


Beth said...

Oh that girl is just too smart for words. That little brain is always going isn't it??
My DD#1 went through a brief period where she hid her bottles.. with milk left in them. I bet you can guess how I found the bottles. Yes, I threw them out when I found them. Yuck.
What cuties, both of them.

Christine said...

Hahaha! That potty training story is a hoot! Like your friend said, at least she knows when she has to go. Have you tried treats or a present to motivate her? I got a little pony toy when I was potty trained and I still remember how much I wanted that thing. Good luck and good luck with the camera! :) Christine

---"Love" said...

Another really cute story on child-raising, but please promise me you won't really tell that story at her wedding! Will you promise???
With all the wonderful things you do with your children, it's no wonder you don't have time to quilt! But I think you have your priorities straight, for sure! ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

Toilet training is much harder on mum than it is on the kids! You are so good to keep up with pictures of the girls. It's terrific just how cheaply you can print pictures these days. Cheers, Ann :-)

Katie said...

Your friend is right - she knows when she has to go and that's got to be the harder part of the battle. My nephew was persuaded to go in the potty (living in the country, I think he was potty trained outside first...) by offering a few M&Ms every time he went. I don't think it was until a few years later he realized the whole package contained a lot more candies than he was getting, but by then, he was trained! Good luck, though I think wishing you extra patience may be more useful, as I understand potty training to be a long process with some! Hopefully the younger one will be easier with big sis helping.

Marsha said...

Potty training is harder on the parents than the kids! It is good she knows when she has to go, that's 75% of the battle. My grandson learned quickly, but he was promised big boy pants when he was trained so he really wanted the ones with his faorite cartoon characters on them. Really pretty big girl panties might be a great incentive. My grandson really wanted to keep them dry.

You have been great with the photo albums, they will be real treasuers for the girls someday.

seventhsister26 said...

Kids are smart in their own way....shaking head at the potty training thing;)
Hope you get a camera up and working again...would love to see your projects;)
Happy Quilting!!