Thursday, June 10, 2010

little tidbits

I am now the proud mother of a four year old.

Oh my how time goes by! I have been meaning to get a post up about her, all about her and how interesting she is right now, but I decided to write her a letter and put it in her "Special Box" so I've been working on that and will take some things out from there and show you some pictures of her throughout her life so it might be she's 4 and a month before I get it all together!

In the meantime I wanted to let you know my favorite quilt company (patterns) has split into two! I now have TWO favorites! There's Crazy Old Ladies (who if the pictures are correct are neither crazy nor old) and now Ribbon Candy (see I am their first "follower"!) I am excited to see what they each do!

Lastly, I will be going with the girls in a few weeks to see my family, and I am SO EXCITED!!! So excited. We will be going to the Pacific Northwest Historics, where I basically grew up as a kid (both this specific event and the SOVREN race group's other events) and will be able to see people I have not seen in at least four maybe even five years! If anyone is in the Seattle area the weekend of the 4th of July, come on out to Pacific Raceways and check it out. The proceeds all go to Seattle Children's Hospital, and you know how much I love that place.

I am off to read some more before H wakes up and R gets back from a playdate!


Marsha said...

Well, Happy Birthday to Rachel! Enjoy those two little ones, they grow up so fast.

Beth said...

Happy 4 year old. Can't wait to see her photos. Glad you will be getting to see family over the 4th.
I just saw the Crazy old ladies split and and now I am following both of them too. Cute stuff!

---"Love" said...

Good for you --- writing Rachel a letter for her special box. I have a box under my bed for each grandson, with a weird collection of things I think they will enjoy seeing again someday. ---"Love"

lisa said...

Just FYI, I have been vauge about the girls names, R-Regina, H-Hazel, and just for the sake of sharing A-Adam. Regi's been busy with me today writing all her thank you notes (she draws a picture, and I write the note) for family members. I will have to share a picture of her drawings, so sweet!

a good yarn said...

Happy Birthday Little Princess! I thinks it's fantastic that you will be spending time with your family. Have a wonderful time. I rather like Crazy Old Ladies (probably because I am one!). I'll have to check up on thngs. Cheers, Ann :-)

seventhsister26 said...

Happy Birthday to the little one;) They do grow up fast don't they?
Happy Quilting!!

Christine said...

I love the idea of writing her a letter for her special box! I have a letter my father wrote me when I was born. He gave it to me on my wedding day! Enjoy your trip back home!!! :) Christine