Tuesday, June 01, 2010

memorial day

I am on my way to bed, we have been doing some rearranging of furniture (ughhh) and I don't have a chair for my sewing desk now (was sharing the computer chair with my sewing table but it doesn't fit through the bedroom door...I'll have to show you were it is soon)

In the meantime I wanted to show you how we celebrated Memorial Day. At A's Dad's grave (he was in the navy for 8 years I think)

R bought the pinwheels with her allowance ($3/week until next week when it becomes $4! One for spending, one for saving and one for sharing...will be two for saving) The big one's from R and the small one is from H (as clarified by R), the flowers are from A and I, and the Fort did flags for everyone.

I am off to read the rest of my book or as far as I can until I fall asleep and then hit up some second hand stores tomorrow for a chair. I want an old style dining room table chair that I can repaint and recover sort of like this one.


a good yarn said...

Most appropriate and a good tradition for the girls. It would be fantastic to find a chair like the one on your link. Enjoy your book!
Cheers, Ann :-)

joanne lendaro said...

Good luck finding a chair....cute kiddo pic....when my kids were growing up and had paper routes half of their earnings went into long term savings (college) one forth into short term saving (bikes, $100 lego/playmobile sets, etc.) and one quarter went into their pockets. And I didn't say a word about how they spent the last quarter. Oldest ended up with enough money to pay for one year of college (by her self $18,000), the youngest can pinch a nickel until it screams for mercy, the middle two, well...not so good, but I tried. Keep up the good work!!

Katie said...

What a nice way to spend Memorial Day with the girls. That chair, though...wow! You have way more patience than I do if you're going to tackle a salvage project. Good luck!

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

What a darling picture of the girls! I checked out the chair, too, and it is great! Hope you can find one soon!

Beth said...

The girls are adorable. H is getting so big! What a great idea to start allowance so early and I love how you are doing it. So cute that R bought the pinwheels.
Hope you find a chair that you can transform like that purple one.

Myra said...

Great financial teaching/sharing started young. Good stuff! 8-)

That would be an awesome idea for a chair! Good luck finding yours to remake! 8-)

Theri said...

Looks like you guys had a really good time. Nice pic. :) Theri

seventhsister26 said...

What a great picture that is going to be for when they grow up;)
Happy Quilting!!