Thursday, May 20, 2010

I want to win...

Have you read Kelly at I Have A Notion is giving away an AccuQuilt Go!? There are so many ways you can enter and you can pick and choose your favorites. I went for some big ones here, and am a little embarrassed to share them, but I figured the more chances the better right? Plus it's fun. I was debating doing two posts here or just one, so I went with one.

First up for 5 points, I am showing you my sewing space.

My Stash. I tried to get it all in one line, we will see. But yes that's how I have all my fabrics arranged, all folded nicely. Ahhh! I used the method around my 6 1/2" ruler and wish I remembered the link for you. It's great, fold the fabric twice selvage to selvage and then fold to selvages and then roll it tightly around your ruler, slip the ruler out and everything stacks so nicely together! I have biggest on the bottom and scraps on top.Here are projects that I have not yet started or I am still in the gathering phase for. I only paid for probably 10 yards of whats there, and maybe 20 yards of what was all in that big stash above in my lifetime. The rest was either won or given to me.Projects I am working on and/or letting take a break. The top is batting and under that are a few finished quilts needing to be delivered. Under that are tops and backings ready to go together (more on that later) and the bottom bin has some large pieces of fleece, flannel, sweatshirt material, nice warm backings!!Things that need to be put away. Yes, on my dryer. Did I tell you I store my fabric in the laundry room? Does that explain some of the strange metal pipes?

My actual sewing space is along one wall in the living room. The wall adjacent to my bedroom.I Was told not to tidy up, so you see the girls boxes (cards, letters, various things that I want to hang onto) and projects. my actual desk here, my chair is held up by my sewing desk when at the computer desk so I can lean back without falling's how quiting invaded the "work" area.

Secondly for 3 points I am showing you all my current projects, quick key for "Lisa lingo" WIP=Work In Progress, a project that is not at a complete top phase. PHD=Project Half Done, the top and if needed the backing is pieced together but not yet quilted and/or bound.Kid's 12 Days of Christmas PHDThe Night Before Christmas PHDBlock Lotto Win PHD, sweatshirt material backing!H's Dora Quilt PHDR's Dora Quilt PHD (pined and I left it in the living room so maybe I will get to quilting it!)Can't show you what's going on in there WIP Shop Hop 2005 WIP (This is one I keep putting aside and plan to do as a filler project. some of the blocks are getting tricky since I organized them easy to hardest =)The Night Before Christmas WIP, I can't figure out what to do for the sashing. I was thinking if I can find blue and white snowflakes in alternating colors (white on blue and matching blue on white) to do cornerstones or one or the other!Village Green BOTM WIP. Only two, no wait one should be in my mail box today or tomorrow so three months behindA's Simpson's WIPHeart for Kaila WIP. Actually this will be a quick finish! I just need one border, quilt and bind...and it's small so easy!!You know about this one, but I have to share, it's technically a WIP even though I only started it to give myself a break from trickier projects and get something done quickly to boost my morale =)

Lastly the Lavender Mist BOTM WIP which I keep back burnering.

So obviously I have some things I can work on tonight at Friday Night Sew In. And if you have not signed up, head on over and do it! So far there are 99 people sewing tonight. Something powerful in that. Now just imagine if we were all making something quick and easy for charity. 99 quick quilts/blankets for sick children, natural disaster victims, breast cancer fighters, domestic violence survivors...oh the list could go on and on!!


seventhsister26 said...

All I can say is WOW!!! What a post;) Very cool to see your work space and all the projects you have going on;) I will have to go over and check out the sew in page...might be fun;)
Happy Quilting!!

---"Love" said...

You certainly have a lot of projects going, but in spite of it, your sewing area looks very organized and neat! Have fun with your sewing tonight! ---"Love"

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I can't believe how neat your fabric is and how organized your projects are! I guess that tells everyone that I am not that neat and organized, doesn't it? Hee Hee!

joanne lendaro said...

Cute post!! Good Luck!!

a good yarn said...

You deserve to win after all that. It was terrific to see your sewing space, stash and projects. Happy Quilting! Ann :-)

Barb said...

I enjoyed seeing your sewing space, it was wonderful!

Beth said...

You have a lot of projects going on. I don't know how you manage to sew, take care of the girls, work, and keep your sewing stuff so neat and organized. My sewing room looks like a natural disaster happened in there. LOL.
good luck.

Inch Worm Fabrics said...

Your stash is very organized. I learned something about stacking fabric and I will have to give it a try.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said... might just be one of the best organized Gals out there!!!

Nice job and now you can teach the rest of us to do that too!! LOL


Myra said...

That is one full post! Lots of quilting goodness there! lol!
Just doing a PhD visit! The challenge is over in one month... 8-)