Saturday, May 15, 2010

facebook status updates

sorry to annoy you all with this, but since I am keeping this blog for remembering/recording the girls (because I can't keep a diary if my life depended on it) in addition to quilting things, I wanted to put some of my facebook status updates into something a little more permanent. This is all I could get when I tried but I hope to be able to go back a little further!

starting oldest to most recent:

off to visit my family! Horray!! Please send us patience for the flight.
January 8 at 5:14am
Danette A conversation G and I had while looking @ a cute baby in a restaurant. G: Mommy, what's Regi's baby's name? me: Hazel. G: That baby looks like Hazelnut! Me: its Hazel, not Hazelnut. (5 min later) G: That baby looks like Coconut! me: Who's coconut? G: Regi's baby!
January 21 at 7:12pm ·
Regina is building towers for hazel to knock down. why cant they always get along this well?
If you find the answer let me know
they are being so good together today (means tomorrow or tonight will be a nightmare I Am sure because I can't be that lucky!) Regina just asked "Hazew, you wanna watch Garfield with me? No? You want to play trains with me? OK, I go get them!" and ran to get her train set
April 14 at 4:49pm ·
hahaha, I love three! "Mommy, I need help. But I do it all myself!"
April 17 at 2:08pm
I really enjoyed "resting" while Hazel played hide-and-find-mommy with her blankie!
April 19 at 5:45pm
baffled. The last FOUR days Regina has put herself down night night in her big girl bed...the time has varied but she's been making the choice, and is out no fight!!
April 21 at 8:14pm
had a really nice hike, am really impressed with how well the girls did on our first try!
April 24 at 7:27pm
the little traitor now says "dada, daddy, and doG-EE" but no mama!!
April 26 at 4:42pm
Regina's out with Adam...should mean cleaning, seriously thinking of sewing =)
April 27 at 2:11p
Regina's eating teddy grahms, and I can't stop laughing!!
April 28 at 5:03p
so why is it that Regina's been begging me for "coffee" all afternoon, and as soon as the dishwashers done so I have a mug to make it in, do so, give it to her...she falls asleep without drinking it?
April 30 at 6:23pm
Adam just informed me that it's "happychino Frappy Hour" followed by Regi singing that back to me at the top of her lungs while jumping up and down
May 10 at 3:39pm
don't these girls know that at 9:00 mommy turns into a pumpkin and be 11:00 mommy is a jack-o-lantern sitting on the porch 5 days after Halloween?
May 10 at 11:00pm


seventhsister26 said...

You should print these out and start a book/journal that way. Kids are great, and yes...mommies turn into pumpkins after bed time;)
Happy Quilting!!

Beth said...

I really enjoy all you "girls" posts. I am glad you are blogging about them, because there will be a time when not only will you enjoy the look back, but they will too. My girls love to hear stories about when they were small and I wish I had documented some of the "classics".

---"Love" said...

I'm assuming you are printing your blogs??? ---"Love"