Monday, May 10, 2010

I found my camera

You are going to be so sorry you came to visit today. I took SO many pictures your eyes might hurt a little bit, oh well here it goes:

I got all my blocks from the APQ Block Swap a little while ago. Breeze Bees took a while to work their way across the pond, and then the States. And have I told you how all mail in the state is either processed through Billings or Missoula, now Missoula is closer, but does our mail go there? Nope! So everything takes another day or so to get to me. Ughh!

There were some extra goodies that came in too. I was so touched by the unexpected extras! They will be used and loved no doubt! (oh and I got a scissor thing too, but R claimed it as hers and I couldn't find it for the pic hehe)
Then Mary sent me The Angler 2, which Katie mentioned. Wahoo!!! I have not used it yet but look forward to it. I've read the instructions three times =)

This is the project I am currently working on. No angles for it, but I needed something easy peasy and cheesy...OK it's just easy. The only problem is I keep letting myself put it down so I can do other things. I need to gift myself a few hours to just do it. I am enjoying the simplicity and fabrics in it.
Here's a closer shot at the fabrics. Very Valentines Day. BTW did you know Sandy Gervais had two Valentines Lines out this year? Did I already tell you that? I have the other line in jelly rolls (remember?) but this is Candy Kisses that we bought by accident thinking they were L'Amour...actually the shop miss cut it but the lady was too happy to get rid of the Valentines Day things that I couldn't tell her that I had specifically asked for JUST L'Amour!

Now for another mistake of mine. That green log cabin block I did for "home" was wrong. I was supposed to receive from her (and did) and send to someone who wanted black. That was HARD! so here's what I made for her. I just need to stitch down the little stepping stones and cut down to size. The lady was kind enough to let it go without complaint taking a little longer once I explained my mistake.

This was last months block. The lady's colors were red and white and the theme was "growth" I hope she doesn't mind a tulip/rose mix in fabrics, but it was all the quilters quality red that wasn't another insane pattern (like red with yellow stars or red and orange, get the idea) and I liked the block but itself didn't meet the size criteria so instead of making huge borders I added a few things. I had 1/2 way made a block for someone else (the person who sent to me this past month) before I realised I was reading the chart wrong, so I e-mailed this gal too to explain a delay. Here you see I need to finish stitching down those bottom roses and trim down. Maybe tonight I will get it all done.
This months theme is "Dance" Any helpful ideas? I'd rather do something just pieced this month since my appliqe skills are not perfect!
(Have you noticed my new rug under these and under the picture of all the apq blocks?)

Now I have been really good about not buying fabric. I mean REALLY good lately. So what do I do to reward myself? With our tax return I impulsively clicked the link on Facebook to this wonderful quilt shop. Just meaning to browse, drool, get a fix and move on, I notice they accept paypal. I just loaded up my account with some of the "me money" from our return and then I see Spring Magic! Oh how I wanted this so badly! I was devastated when the Fat Quarter Shop didn't have it in stock any more. Well I bought it! I resisted adding the backing kit figuring if I ever got to making this in my long line of WIP's I'd just get the fabric then instead of risking using it on something else. Backings don't have to be a perfect match anyways so whatever!
You might notice the kit fabrics are a little squished. That's because they shipped it in a box, and inside that box, I (very confused) pulled out this bag. Then, inside the bag was the kit! Ahh! I was taken quite by surprise by this! I recommend shopping at Chickadee Shops, or at least browsing. I was impressed to say the least, but have to wait until I have the green light again to go online and indulge!

Now, I don't have any new pics of the girls so I thought I'd leave you with R's latest "sewing." I let her pick out the fabric, and she chose pink thread (I think because it was the only color not in in the bag) She said "I want the pank one. Pank's my favorite color." She later told me the same about the orange crayon she wanted to color with so I take these "favorites" with a grain of salt...or maybe at three favorites change often.

Here's a close up where you can see the pink thread.
Now if you made it all the way through, I am very VERY impressed. So as Tigger would say: TTFN!
oh.p.s. There's a signature swap I signed up for if you are interested over at Jaybird Quilts.


a good yarn said...

What a fantastic post! The swap blocks look good all laid out like that.I'm planning to buy myself one of those Angler thingies so I'll be interested to see how you find it. Love the Valentine fabrics and the kit is tremendous - especially as it came in that super tote bag. Cheers, Ann :-)

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

So happy you found your camera! Your batch of APQ blocks is gorgeous! It is so much fun getting them in the mail. I've received 2 sets so far and I keep watching the mailbox. Hee Hee!

Katie said...

Whew! Made it through. The mass of swap blocks looks great. I noticed the rug right off, though at first I thought you'd done some funky setting with the swap blocks, so when I looked closer I noticed the rug. Very nice. I love the Valentine's day quilt. If you keep at it, you'll have it done to use next year! The single swap blocks look great, even if you did have trouble. We all have those days and I'm sure that's why your swap buddies were so kind. For "dance" maybe see if you can find a paper-pieced ballet shoe? I don't have any link suggestions, but Google is my best friend for stuff like that! Good luck and I'm very glad you found your camera.

Barb said...

You are right, going to have to go and rest my eyes.....

Great eye candy and you have been busy...glad you found your camera!

Marsha said...

I'm so glad you found your camera and posted all these wonderful photos. All the blocks are great, can't wait to see how you decide to put yours together. The valentines fabrics are so cute and your individual blocks are great, I especially like the little cabin. It is so much fun to see all your pictures.

Beth said...

Love all the great photos! Your swap blocks look so good (on the new rug). Great bundle of goodies. That Valentine fabric is cute, we didn't carry any this year in the shop. I like your swap blocks.
I love R's sewing with the pank thread.
You idn't say where the camera turned up at this time..?
Happy stitching

seventhsister26 said...

Those valentine's day fabrics look familiar...wait, I have them too!! Very very pretty;)
I loved all the pictures;)
Happy Quilting!!

---"Love" said...

Great pictures and blog! Glad you found your camera. ---"Love"

Myra said...

Great post! Your swap blocks are great! Good thing you found your camera! 8-)
I have the Angler thing and I use it all the time! A very handy tool! 8-)
Love those Valentine fabrics!
Any PhDs nearing a finish to report?
Happy stitchings!